Ghost's Face Has Officially Been Shown Thanks To Dataminers

Ghost's Face Has Officially Been Shown Thanks To Dataminers
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Jack Marsh


23rd Nov 2022 16:02

The identity of Simon "Ghost" Riley is Call of Duty's biggest secret. For years, the Task Force 141 titan has remained masked, dancing as an unknown alias within the storyline which has stirred countless theories.

Yet Modern Warfare 2 saw new twists in figuring out Ghost's identity, with the British SAS soldier finally taking off his hood following countless jibes from his squadmate Johnny "Soap" MacTavish.

Despite the campaign lifting the mask off Ghost's head, we still didn't get to see his face and the mystery continued. However, with theories that he could be Roach or Alex, dataminers have now found that Ghost's actual face is in the files, and they've shared it with the class.

Spoilers Ahead...

Ghost's Face Is Finally Revealed

Following the campaign's elusive face reveal, dataminers have now lifted the mask on Ghost, finding that his never-seen-before face is within the files.

Taking to Reddit, Ghost's face has now been officially revealed, showing a white man with reddish faint paint around his eyes.

It appears that Ghost's identity is not a character that we've seen before, and instead is a brand-new face to Task Force 141, debunking any theories that we've seen before.

MW2 Ghost Face Reveal 'Looks Like Buzz Lightyear'

Many Call of Duty stans have been simping over sexy Ghost on TikTok following his meme-like stance in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, but now his mask has finally been lifted, fans now think he shows a striking resemblance to one big-chinned astronaut.

The self-proclaimed "handsome" operator has now been likened to Buzz Lightyear, with Reddit fans joking that they "can’t unsee" the likeness. Others also liked how Ghost is a standard British soldier and quite liked his Voice Actor (Samuel Roukin) in the Modern Warfare 2 reboot.

It's not yet clear whether the unmasked Ghost will come to Modern Warfare 2 as an operator, but it could be food for thought ahead of the presumed Year 2 DLC.

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