Gamers Are Being Punk’d By Fake Starfield Leaks

Gamers Are Being Punk’d By Fake Starfield Leaks

Written by 

Tom Chapman


20th Feb 2023 15:26

There might be a "galaxy" of leaks out there regarding Bethesda's Starfield, but be careful where you're looking if you want some actual intel about the sci-fi spectacular.

From the first time we saw a Starfield teaser trailer at E3 2018, we knew Bethesda's first new IP in 25 years was going to be something of a big deal. Despite a slew of delays, Starfield is supposedly still on track to release in the first half of 2023.

Watch Out For Fake Starfield Leaks

This isn't the first time we've seen Starfield fakes, with supposed insiders sharing an in-development screenshot in June 2021. Although it featured the same HUD from previous screenshots, it was confirmed as a doctored image from a walking simulator called Mýrdalssandur, Iceland

As we get ready for Starfield's (hopeful) 2023 release, you're going to have to keep your wits about you to figure out what's real and what's someone trying to score upvotes on Reddit. Speaking of which, a new screenshot has gone viral despite being an elaborate fake.

The "leaked" photo shares similarities with the woman we saw in the Starfield gameplay trailer and was supposedly taken from another footage leak. It even comes with a slightly blurry aesthetic you might expect from someone snapping a leak on their phone and the word "official" to make it seem legit.

Sadly, it's not real. With a rise in video games using AI, it turns out the "leaked" Starfield screenshot was actually created using Midjourney. The Reddit thread shows what looks like a Discord chat that confirms it was an AI creation. With all the effort, we've got to ask... why bother?

What's Going On With Starfield?

Hopefully, there should be some actual Starifeld footage on the way soon. Although it missed out on the recent Xbox showcase, we were told Starfield will be getting its own dedicated presentation.

That was recently cast into doubt when a Bethesda dev said the team is "still sorting stuff out." This comes not long after worrying whispers that the AAA title has been delayed again, meaning no one's really sure what's going on with Starfield right now.

Considering Starfield has apparently been in a playable state since 2018, you might expect there to be more promo materials out there. As we've seen with the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 being panned on launch, Bethesda is likely making sure Starfield is as solid as it can be before releasing too much.

Much like Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks doing the rounds every couple of weeks, look out for Starfield leaks as Bethesda and Microsoft ramp up their official marketing. These days, it's not just a case of someone making up a leak, there's AI that can actually make it look real. Oh great!

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