Leaker Suggests Starfield Delayed Again Over Development Issues

Leaker Suggests Starfield Delayed Again Over Development Issues
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Joseph Kime


27th Jan 2023 14:45

There's a lot riding on Starfield. The bold step into the future (and space) for Bethesda is being heralded as the biggest project of the Elder Scrolls developer's career, and with so many classics under its belt, the pressure is on.

Given Bethesda's willingness to release RPGs with bugs galore, there are some who are still nervous about Starfield's performance. However, there are others with a lot of hope, in spite of Bethesda's treatment of the game.

Starfield has been delayed numerous times, as the team insists it needed the extra time to make the game perfect - with no concrete release date and only the promise of "2023" to go off. Now, some leakers say the promises aren't iron-clad.

Leaker Claims That Starfield Will Be Delayed… Again

Leaker Suggests Starfield Delayed Again Over Development Issues
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One leaker has claimed that despite Starfield's existing push-backs, it looks like our early 2023 release date hopes for the sci-fi favourite could be misplaced.

New leaker Horns (as reported by GameRevolution) has claimed that Xbox's cloud division hasn't been doing too hot financially, and has been pressuring Bethesda to launch Starfield in June 2023. This is in order to help the company to further recuperate its fiscal year earnings.

It's thought that Redfall could be changed around to make way for this too. Horns might not be a particularly big name in the world of leakers, but predicting the surprise launch of Hi-Fi Rush has made them immediately pretty reputable.

Xbox Is Trying To Make Starfield A New Flagship Title

Here's hoping that the game actually makes it out on time, as a new Xbox Series X retail box has leaked, emblazoned with Starfield's art - implying that Xbox is hoping for huge returns from the game.

It seems that Xbox is putting all of its eggs in one basket, allowing Starfield to take the promotional slot that Halo usually would. All of this makes the leak more compelling as Xbox becomes incredibly protective of Starfield.

Whatever Starfield's future holds, players need it now. We all know what Bethesda fans are like. Then again, the last thing we want is another Fallout 76 debacle on our hands. 

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