Game-Breaking Shockwave Hammer Removed From Fortnite

Game-Breaking Shockwave Hammer Removed From Fortnite
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Joseph Kime


9th Jan 2023 12:33

The new chapter of Fortnite has been treating players very nicely indeed. The introduction to Unreal Engine 5.1 made the game a visual delight, with brand-new effects and chances to make the most of the game's ray tracing making it a true sight to behold.

Added to this, the new map introduced new locations to boot and made the battle royale feel refreshed all over again. There were a lot of new additions to gameplay in the recent update, with dirt bikes and new parkour potential introduced too, plus some new weapons - and some have been quite controversial.

Though we wish we were spreading the word of how grim it is to use the red-eye assault rifle, the Fortnite conversation has turned to one melee weapon - but it looks like the naysayers have won, as they don't actually have to worry about it at all any more.

Fans Call For Fortnite's Shockwave Hammer To Be Removed

Even though it hasn't been in the game for all that long, fans have spent that time wailing on the Shockwave Hammer, a new item to Fortnite that deals out some solid damage and also has incredible knockback and rotation potential.

The weapon doesn't just hurl enemy players into the storm, but also lets you bounce around the map with ease - and it has rubbed a lot of players the wrong way.

Plus, a new glitch has been found with the weapon that sees players bounce around when attacked, even across the water and sending them flying even further than intended. Luckily for those complaining players, though, it looks like they don't have to deal with it anymore.

Fortnite's Shockwave Hammer Has Been Removed

Much to the relief of naysayers, the Shockwave Hammer has been officially stripped from all of Fortnite's playlists.

As of January 9, the Shockwave Hammer is nowhere to be found in-game.  There's no apparent reason for the weapon's removal, though it's likely a result of the glitch itself being in need of a fix.

Whatever is going on the result has pleased fans who utterly detest the latest rotation tool/ toxic weapon. Congratulations, chronically online complainers, you got what you wanted. We're not salty about it. Promise.

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