Fortnite players want OP Deku Smash removed

Fortnite players want OP Deku Smash removed
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Joseph Kime


13th Sep 2023 16:45

It's fair to say that Fortnite is no stranger to complaints about balancing from fans. In many cases, whenever a new weapon or item appears in the game, it's a little bit wonky and needs nerfing shortly after it launches. We've seen it across every category of item that the battle royale has to offer.

There's one item that remains an absolute champion, and that's the Deku Smash. The item, from the My Hero Academia collab and similar in execution to Dragon Ball's Kamehameha Wave, is a beast of a thing that can wipe players and structures from existence with ease. Many aren't happy that it's made a return.

The Deku Smash is back in Fortnite

Deku, hovering while using the Deku Smash ability in Fortnite.
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Well, that didn't take long. Players are already taking to the internet to demand that the Deku Smash, the item that finally just reappeared on the island, is removed again.

The item itself is admittedly pretty killer, but the move does require its user to hover in the air and remain incredibly susceptible to attacks for a good few seconds before its AOE attack rushes forward to its attacker. Even in spite of this, a growing number of angry gamers are still calling for its removal.

It returns to match up with the newest My Hero Academia ability, the Todoroki Ice Wall, which sets up a huge wall of ice (as you'd expect) that can protect a squad from a lot of fire. It does work towards counteracting the Deku Smash, but for some, it isn't enough.

Fans react to the Deku Smash returning to Fortnite

"The game meta is so fun with all the base game stuff right now," says one Reddit user in the comments of a post highlighting just how nightmarish some find the application of the Deku Smash. "I'll be playing after work, but now I get to go worry about Deku Smashes...again."

"I wish they'd let the season run a while longer before adding stuff," says another. "It has been great so far, let's see how this turns out." When someone said they swear it's like the third time the Deku Smash has been in Fortnite, someone concluded, "Right like stop tryna make it happen no one likes it."

The Deku Smash is clearly pretty controversial, and shockingly, now more than ever. Then again, it's actually pretty easy - Just run sideways to avoid the blast of the OP pummeling. 

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