Red Dead x Fortnite crossover could be one of the weirdest yet

Red Dead x Fortnite crossover could be one of the weirdest yet
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7th Sep 2023 16:15

What happens when two of the biggest IPs of the gaming world come together? We've seen it before with fighters like Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat, while Call of Duty only just added Tomb Raider's Lars Croft. Still, the undisputed king of the crossover is undoubtedly Fortnite.

Since the battle royale behemoth launched in 2017, it's hosted a who's who of pop culture and gaming greats. In a world where Sony and Microsoft lock horns, Fortnite has even been able to host Kratos and Master Chief at the same time. Still, there are plenty of fan-favourite collaborations we'd love to see in Fortnite. 

Red Dead x Fortnite crossover teased by leakers

According to RDOnline news, Epic has sent out a survey asking players if they'd like to see a Red Dead x Fortnite collaboration. This might seem small, but with Epic often using these surveys to test the waters on what kind of skins we're looking for in-game, meaning it's a pretty major wink toward a union.

The idea of having John Marston or Arthur Morgan in Fortnite seems like a peculiar one. Although 2010's Red Dead Redemption and its 2018 sequel are held as two of the best games of all time, their leads aren't exactly up there with Mario, Lara Croft, or Crash Bandicoot in terms of notoriety. 

If we can't get a crossover with The Last of Us to celebrate the release of HBO's live-action series, we can't see a Red Dead collab working. It sounds like some of you aren't fans of the idea anyway, as one critic wrote, "Don't you dare smear Red Dead's name with this nonsense."

Someone else joked, "Can't wait to see Arthur Morgan, even while dying of TB, getting a Victory Royale," while a third said, "Arthur Morgan doing 90s against the hulk and Travis Scott 💀." Namely, most agreed Rockstar would likely never collab with Fortnite - especially when Red Dead Online has been left to rot.

What about the Red Dead Redemption 3 rumour?

Red Dead Redemption 3 poster
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You might remember when the rumour mill went into overdrive in 2021 that the Red Deadverse would saddle up for a new adventure. Some cryptic musings from Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick have bizarrely picked up steam again, with whispers of Red Dead Redemption 3 doing the rounds again.

While it would be no surprise if Rockstar got at least one more outing out of its world of outlaws and lawmen, you might've noticed it's pretty busy with Grand Theft Auto right now. Rockstar's schedule is undoubtedly full for the next few years, while we've been left with disappointments like the Red Dead Redemption port.

Whether a new-gen Red Dead Redemption remaster was in the works or not, you only have to look at the fervour created whenever the series is mentioned to see there's a lot of love for it. With Red Dead Online pretty dead, it could be over to the likes of Fortnite to keep the spirit of the Ol' West alive.

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