Fortnite player in ‘V-Bucks Debt’ is trolled amid freebies

Fortnite player in ‘V-Bucks Debt’ is trolled amid freebies
Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


19th May 2023 12:52

Epic Games has one of the most avid microtransaction-centric fan bases ever seen, with billions of V-Bucks having been splashed on emotes, skins, gliders, and more over the years.

But sometimes the best things in Fortnite come free, and the publishers are now dishing out some tidy Access Code freebies that players can get hold of and add to their ever-growing customisation wheels.

That is true for most players, but not if you're in "V-Bucks debt" like one Fortnite player.

Fortnite "V-Bucks debt" exists and one player is being caught in its web

I'm too broke to buy free items.
by u/Goudafr in FortNiteBR

As showcased by one Reddit user, players can accrue negative V-Bucks in Fortnite, which then locks them out of making any more store purchases.

The "V-Bucks debt" is often a result of calling a refund from your bank after you've spent the V-Bucks in the store, which then shows on your account that you owe the developers some money before your next in-game transaction.

The user has now been locked out of getting the new free items that support accessibility awareness day, with the brail-inspired back-bling now being able to be redeemed for this in-debt player.

The player must now pay back all of the owed V-Bucks before heading back into the store for the likes of sexy Anakin, or the range of skins that will likely be coming for the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 5.

Fortnite player mocked for V-Bucks debt

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The player's sum of -6,900 V-Bucks is roughly worth $47.97, combining two 1,000 V-Bucks bundles worth $7.99 with the 5,000 package worth $31.99, leaving this one particular player in quite a spot of bother. But that hasn't stopped players from mocking them on Reddit.

One fan joked, "I heard if you don’t pay off your Fortnite debt they send the IO to your house and they reclaim your PS5."

Another added that they have to declare "V-Bucksruptcy", with many fans laughing at their downfall. 

Most fans though did point out the likelihood that the user was trying to scam Epic Games by using charge-backs or bank-managed refunds though, and in that case, they don't deserve the freebies.

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