Fortnite fans won’t stop drooling over sexy Anakin Skywalker

Fortnite fans won’t stop drooling over sexy Anakin Skywalker
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Tom Chapman


28th Apr 2023 17:05

He was supposed to be the Chosen One, and now, we're picking him all over again. The annual Star Wars Day is on the way, and in celebration, Epic Games is adding Anakin Skywalker to Fortnite

Epic's battle royale favourite is no stranger to Star Wars content, with the galaxy far, far away, gifting us everyone from Luke and Leia to Rey and Boba Fett, and even the Mandalorian with Gorgu. It's true we've seen Darth Vader on the map and in the shop, but this is the first time he appears as Anakin.

Fortnite fans can't stop drooling over 'sexy' Anakin Skywalker

When the Fortnite Twitter officially confirmed Anakin is on the way, players were swooning over the fallen Jedi. Aside from the early days of The Clone Wars, we've seen little of armoured Anakin before he gets torched like a marshmallow and ends up as Darth Vader.

Both Rebels and Obi-Wan Kenobi gave us a glimpse beneath his mask, but this is full-blown Dark Ani before he's flambéed. One player gushed, "Anakin is coming to Fortnite and he's SO sexy…. lord help me," while another cheered, "Fortnite didn't make Anakin ugly."

A third joked, "Why does Anakin Skywalker look more like himself in Fortnite than in the Clone Wars," while a fourth concluded, "Never gave a sh*t about Fortnite until Anakin Skywalker decided to step in." There were calls for Padme to get her time to shine. Sadly, there's no sign of Princess Amidala. 

What else is coming to Fortnite's Star Wars crossover?

If you loved slicing and dicing your enemies with the OP lightsaber in Fortnite, it looks like they'll soon be in your arsenal. There are also whispers that new Force powers will let you fling your enemies across the map.

Trusted leaker @iFireMonkey claims these Force powers include the likes of Force Rip, Force Jump, and Force Lightning - yes, it sounds like we'll be able to become our very own Emperor Palpatine.

Alongside some unvaulted favourites, Anakin, and a mystery second skin (fingers crossed for Padme), there's plenty to unpack here. Either way, we've come a long way from 2019's The Rise of the Skywalker tie-in that first saw us blast off.

With both Anakin and Darth Vader skins available in Fortnite, you'll soon be able to let the young Skywalker kill her robotic future self, and vice versa. To quote Anakin himself, "This is where the fun begins." 

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