Fortnite leaker explains why Doctor Who crossover may have been delayed

Fortnite leaker explains why Doctor Who crossover may have been delayed
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Megan Cooke


30th Dec 2023 20:43

A Doctor Who leaker has confirmed that the TV show's collaboration with Fortnite is still going ahead.

Other leaks have suggested that the project was recently put on hold due to the recent focus on the LEGO collaboration, meaning changes to the content have had to be made.

The Doctor Who X Fortnite collaboration is still in the works, says leaker




A Doctor Who leak account has stated that the sci-fi show’s collaboration with Fortnite is still happening.

They said: “Some Christmas news goodies for you. The Fortnite collab is still happening but is back to early stages, and Disney are overseeing the collaboration as a marketing push. It will be focused on the new series.”

The collaboration was reportedly pushed back earlier this year, meaning that it would no longer make sense to use the 60th anniversary content that was planned.

This means that changes to the collaboration have been made, including which incarnation of the Doctor would feature within it, leading to delays.

Based on the latest leak, it seems as though the collaboration will no longer focus on the 14th Doctor, instead following the 15th Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, who was introduced in a recent special.

Fans are disappointed that previous Doctor’s are not being included




Overall, the consensus from fans regarding the decision to focus on the 15th Doctor has been a negative one.

Some fans fear that the 15th Doctor is too new to have a good run in Fortnite, given that they have only been in two episodes so far and are yet to prove themselves.

One Reddit user said: “We haven’t really got fully into the 15th Doctor's run for anything iconic to come out of it.”

Another added: “Man, this is disappointing as hell. I was really excited to see some Tennant/Smith stuff, but only doing the new Series, for a Doctor that hasn't even proved himself, seems really silly to me.”

Several people stated that a David Tennant skin would likely make the most monetary sense, especially given the fact that many people consider him to be the face of Doctor Who.

“So no David Tennant. There goes most of their potential money,” said one user.

Another said: “Even if it’s a little out of date, a David Tennant skin still seems like an easy money move.”

While nothing has been officially confirmed, it would definitely be disappointing to not get previous generations of the Doctor in-game.

One fan suggested a regeneration emote which would allow the Doctor to regenerate into previous selves, which could be an interesting way for more Doctors to be included.

Hopefully, if they are focusing on the 15th Doctor for now, we will be able to get skins for previous Doctors in the future.

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