Fortnite Is Giving Away Pickle Rick For Free

Fortnite Is Giving Away Pickle Rick For Free
Images via Adult Swim | Epic Games

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Tom Chapman


2nd Nov 2022 11:22

Wubba lubba dub dub it's Pickle Riiiiiick. The iconic green meany is finding a new home in Fortnite, as Epic Games gives us another Rick and Morty crossover for the ages. 

Back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, you might remember Rick Sanchez was the big skin on the last page of the Battle Pass. More recently, we saw more Rick and Morty skins in the shop with Mr. MeeSeeks and Summer Smith stopping by. Now though, you've got a freebie coming your way.

How Can You Get The Pickle Rick Back Bling?

Unlocking the free Pickle Rick Back Bling should be easy if you know what to do. Epic has been hyping the arrival of the Pickle Rick Back Bling with a glossy trailer. Here, we see the Summer and Mr. Meeseeks skins alongside Mecha Morty, before the action hones in on the smirking pickle.

Anyone who completes eight Horde Rush quests will be gifted the Pickle Rick Back Bling. Although the sought-after item will eventually be made available in the standard shop, there's no release date and we imagine it'll take a fair few V-Bucks. We'd rather save them for the super-expensive Star Wars skins that have just dropped. 

Safe to say, Rick and Morty fans were shouting, "Show me what you got," and love the idea of the Pickle Rick Back Bling. Following Rick and Morty's runaway success from its debut in 2013, it's gone on to become a cult classic, led to campaigns to get Szechuan sauce back on the McDonald's menu, and made Pickle Rick into an icon in his own right. Not everyone was happy though.

Why Is Everyone Hating On The Pickle Rick Back Bling?

We know Halloween has been and gone, so it seems an odd time to put in a Horde Rush-inspired questline, especially for something that has nothing to do with it. One angry gamer raged, "Are you serious? THAT'S the reward we were told to keep an eye out for when Fortnitemares ended? Truly disappointed..." Another fumed, "More Rick & Morty crap? Well, glad I won't have to play Zero Build Horde Mode with its currently completely unsuitable-to-the-task loot pool then."

Others have pointed out that the quests you need to complete vary in difficulty. Simple ones like melee attack on Cube Monster Spawners is relatively easy, but getting 70 headshots in a single match is a little tougher when you're being attacked by monsters. Then again, it's not like Epic to give us something for free, so shouldn't we just be grateful that there's the option to get the Pickle Rick Back Bling without wasting your V-Bucks? There's nothing more frustrating than missing out on a skin, only to see it appear in the item shop with a massive markup. 

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