Fortnite fans demand a Simpsons crossover next

Fortnite fans demand a Simpsons crossover next
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Tom Chapman


13th Feb 2024 11:32

While it's fair to say The Simpsons might not be what it once was (we thank "Lisa Goes Gaga" for that), it's still a giant of the entertainment world. Some 760 episodes and 34 years after "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," there's a reason The Simpsons is America's longest-running sitcom.

Away from the series and its animated movie, we've had merchandise, music, video games, and even theme parks. Aside from Tapped Out in 2012, it's been a long time since we've had a good video game based on The Simpsons, but now, fans are asking America's favourite family to find a whole new fandom in Fortnite.

Fortnite fans demand a crossover with The Simpsons

Even before Disney announced it had made a jaw-dropping $1.5 billion stake in Epic Games, fans had been calling for a Fortnite x The Simpsons collab. The battle royale favourite has invited everything from Ghostbusters to Stranger Things, Tomb Raider to God of War into the family, but where are The Simpsons?

Fortnite has proved that anything is possible, and like we had a buff Peter Griffin in Chapter 5 Season 1, a crossover with The Simpsons just became a lot more likely thanks to the Disney announcement. The item shop alone could make bank with a Krusty the Clown skin, and what about swapping the SUV with the Plow King?

Others have been championing a collab for a while, with a popular Reddit thread popping off with ideas. One Simpsons fanatic cheered, "The Simpsons neighborhood as a POI would be peak," while another added, "Flippers become three-eyed!" A third said, "It always seemed weird to me that we got Futurama before we did Simpsons."

Someone else said, "A Simpsons Hit and Run Fortnite mode would go off," and while our hopes of seeing the 2003 game again dwindle, we could see Rocket League racing embrace the beloved title like it The Mandalorian. Someone concluded, "Simpsons has a huge international audience too so EVERYONE and their mothers would be buying them."

We could sit here all day and come up with concepts for a Springfield Nuclear Power Plant POI to bring back Steamy Stacks, swapping gas stations for the Kwik-E-Mart, and a Monorail transport system, but that's it, they're just ideas. Until we get even a hint from Epic, it's best not to get too hyped. 

Epic Games teases a tonne of Fortnite crossovers

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There were a tonne of Disney IPs hidden in the announcement trailer, with the likes of Frozen and Cars seeming like popular ones. Others like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Pirates Of The Caribbean have plenty of potential for themed areas, but we don't know what Epic has planned...yet.

The big one is an Avatar collab, with the world's highest-grossing movie looking like a lucrative place to start. We've heard about an Avatar crossover before, although critics are worried Epic will sell James Cameron's world of Pandora short. Basically, we'd need a whole Avatar mode, not just some in-game skins.

Epic now has the keys to Disneyland, and even though that could mean big things, it remains to be seen whether it'll just be the usual rollout of Fortnite skins or the team can really make the most of our childhoods. Either way, we'd love some frosty chocolate milkshakes while driving around in The Car that Homer Built.

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