Fortnite Darth Vader Skin Unlocks Hidden Star Wars Easter Egg

Fortnite Darth Vader Skin Unlocks Hidden Star Wars Easter Egg
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14th Jun 2022 13:20

There's a new season of Fortnite and a new Battle Pass to conquer. Chapter 3 Season 3 is going under the season of Vibin', and with a suitably summery theme, players are sticking on the neon paint and heading to the Rave Cave. With a vibrant backdrop and the colourful Reality Tree glowing at the centre of the map, you might be wondering how the Fortnite Darth Vader skin fits into things.

Long before the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass was even revealed, we'd heard that Indiana Jones and Darth Vader would be leaping off the Battle Bus. Much like how Doctor Strange was the final skin and Spider-Man's Prowler was the secret skin of Chapter 3 Season 2, Lord Vader is the big one on the final page of the Battle Pass.

Fortnite Darth Vader Skin: What's The Hidden Easter Egg?

Although most of us are still chugging through the Battle Pass thanks to Epic Games' notorious XP grindFortnite pros (and those who paid for levels) are already polishing off the 10 pages it takes to reach Darth Vader. The Star Wars crossovers have previously brought the likes of Rey, Kylo Ren, and Boba Fett to the shop, but for the first time, we can Force choke the competition.

Although wearing the Darth Vader skin is a bit of a flex right now, he's proving a popular choice. Now, you'll have another reason to dress as him, thanks to a secret Darth Vader Easter egg in Fortnite. According to Twitter user @CubUntameable, different NPCs have different responses if you approach them dressed as Lord Vader. The account claims that 13 of the NPCs scattered across the map will have a different response if you wear your Vader suit. 

There are a series of Star Wars-themed lines if you wear the Darth Vader skin, and if you want to know who says what, the full list is here

  • Bunker Jonesy (The Joneses) - I know nothing, I saw nothing, I make little fishing lures. SPARE ME!
  • Cryptic (Rave Cave) - Whatever you're planning, I won’t be getting your way.
  • Fishstick (Sleepy Sound) - Fishstick is fascinated by your front gills.
  • Guaco (Greasy Grove) – I will not be intimidated into giving out free Tacos.
  • Haven (Loot Lake) - Your dark energy is not welcome here.
  • Jonesy the First (The Joneses) - Oh, so no more fighting? That's…Kind of my whole deal…


  • Lil‘ Whip (Coney Crossroads) - Can I sample that breathing sound for a track?
  • Ludwig (The Joneses) - Maybe I SHOULD embrace the dark side.
  • Mancake (Rocky Reels) - This griddle ain't big enough for the two of us.
  • Metal Team Leader (Reality Falls) – I sense a robo-darkness within you…
  • Mullet Marauder (The Joneses) - Sounds like you gotta up that cardio, dude.
  • Quackling (Reality Tree Biome) - Are you shuttles for hire? I have the Bars!
  • Stash'd (Chonker's Speedway) - If you need a driver while you're planetside, let me know.

Will Darth Vader Be A Fortnite Boss?

Much like how we've previously fought the likes of Dr. Slone and The Foundation as bosses, there are rumblings in the Force that Darth Vader will arrive as an NPC. This wouldn't be the first time Star Wars skins have made the transition into being bosses, and you might remember Din Djarin set up shop by his Razor Crest ship in Chapter 2 Season 5. 

Sadly, there's no sign of Vader and his heavy breathing on the map yet. Before Chapter 3 Season 3 came out, the rumours were rife that the Daily Bugle would be reworked to recreate Vader's Mustafar castle as a POI. The Spider-Man content can't stick around forever, and if Vader is staying for a while longer, there's a chance this could still happen. In the meantime, you can dress in your royal regalia and cast an imposing shadow by terrifying the Fortnite NPCs. 

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