Fortnite XP Glitch Grants You 100,000 XP A Minute

Fortnite XP Glitch Grants You 100,000 XP A Minute
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Tom Chapman


8th Jun 2022 11:06

Living up to its party nature, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is a neon-clad revamp that (weirdly) also has Darth Vader. As we attempt to tear through the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass to grab Lord Vader, a handy Fortnite XP glitch can help you get there.

We're really vibin' for the current season of Fortnite, as we jump off the Battle Bus and head for a night of partying in the Rave Cave. However, after complaints that XP has been nerfed, you'll be looking for all the tips and tricks you can find to earn those battle stars.

What Is The Fortnite XP Glitch?

One of the big changes to Chapter 3 Season 3 is the addition of rideable animals. Unlike the previous ability to tame boars and wolves to take out your enemies, you can now ride them to get around the map quicker or run opponents down. According to Twitter user @HighHowDoIPlay, riding a wolf comes with another perk.

Posting on Twitter, they showed how shooting a wolf in the head will count toward the headshot milestone but won't damage your mount. Be warned, the glitch only works with wolves and not boars. Looking at the baffling stats, HighHowDoIPlay rattled through 20 stages Chapter 3 Season 3's Get Headshots milestone. With each stage gives players 5,000 XP, it means you can earn a hefty 100,000 XP in a minute. 

Others were suitably impressed with the glitch and applauded the OP. "Lol the grind to find every exploit out there cause we not getting enough xp this season," said one. Another added, "Is it just me or is the xp gain this season way lower than last? Played at least 10 games this season so far at least 3 kills per match and I’ve leveled up twice?" A third simply added, "I prefer to get the headshots the right way but slaying lobbies full of sweats".


Will Epic Games Fix The Fortnite XP Glitch?

At the time of writing, you need to check that the Fortnite XP glitch is still working, but try it for yourselves. Epic is usually pretty quick to patch this sort of thing - especially if players can earn a sneaky 100,000 XP in a minute. Others have reported that their bullets simply go through the wolf. Someone suggested that you should jump on with a friend. With your teammate sitting on the wolf, they can keep it still while you shoot the animal in the head and reap the rewards.

There are glitches galore currently in Chapter 3 Season 3, but they're being patched almost as soon as they're out. Another let you spam the emote button and complete the Thank the Bus Drive milestone, but it's sadly gone the way of Bushranger and already kicked the bucket.

If you're frustrated about Fortnite's continuous XP grind, at least you'll be pleased to know Epic has just doubled Accolade XP and given a boost to Supercharged XP. Vader will be ours in no time at all.

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