Fortnite Pro Clix Faces Twitch Permaban Following FNCS Win

Fortnite Pro Clix Faces Twitch Permaban Following FNCS Win

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Tom Chapman


15th Feb 2021 09:33

The writing's on the wall for Fortnite favourite Cody "Clix" Conrod, as the pro player has just been slapped with another Twitch ban and sparked rumours that it will lead to a permaban. Clix is a Fortnite star on the rise and just finished first in Week 1 of the 2021 Fortnite Champion Series. He'd wrapped his stream showing him nab a Victory Royale, however, a potential Twitch permaban isn't the celebration he was hoping for.

Clix is a big name on Twitch and has/had over 3.5 million followers on the platform. His FNCS win was celebrated on Twitter when he wrote, "Amazing stream today peaked at 108k viewers f*****g nuts, I got the vod back & downloaded! Video will be up on how we won tomorrow afternoon. Love you guys, played insane today. Appreciate any new followers / subs today". The 16-year-old trounced the competition and peaked at 108k viewers, while the win was sure to boost his Twitch subs even more. Sadly, the celebrations are short-lived. 


Why could Clix get a permaban after his Fortnite win?

Posting on Twitter on February 15, Clix simply wrote, "bro what the f**k i'm banned on twitch". This was followed by a series of follow-up Tweets that indicated the ban was permanent. As with all these things on Twitch, the streaming platform doesn't provide a reason why. We all remember when Dr Disrespect was given the boot, and we still don't know why. If Clix has been slapped with a permaban, he could appeal, however, the outcome is likely to stay the same. 

After posting his tweet, fans shared their support, but also speculated why he could've been banned. The general consensus leans toward the idea that he streamed explicit content (which is a violation of Twitch's Terms of Service). There was a recent instance when this happened, and although Clix quickly ended the stream and removed it from his channel, it could still have been picked up by Twitch. Others think it's the ol' favourite - DMCA violations. Twitch hasn't held back in culling big names over using unlicensed music in their streams, and while many think it's unfair if these are seemingly accidental, it's largely fallen on deaf ears. Clix himself is no stranger to a DMCA violation. 


Can Clix appeal the permaban after his Fortnite win?.

Clix doesn't exactly have a gleaming Twitch report card. In August 2019, he was banned for just 30 minutes, followed by a three-day ban in November 2019. He may have been a good boy since then, but with an apparent three strikes and you're out policy, this could be one permaban that sticks. There could be some hope of a reversal though thanks to a serious case of "It's not what you know, it's who you know". Clix has only just signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch in October, and as part of NRG, has some serious backing. NRG CEO Andy Miller wrote "We on it" in response to the ban.

There was plenty of support to #FreeClix, with fellow Fortnite pro Leon “Khanada” Khim writing, "twitch really be banning for the stupidest reasons and not even that [sic] its usually 3 strikes and your perm but me and clix both got two bans and on the second ban we got perm ggs". For the time being, Clix is off Twitch. Here's hoping his exclusivity and ties to NRG could be enough to pull the strings and get him reinstated. If not, it could be a Fortnite permaban for Clix and off to Dr Disrespect Island for Conrod.


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Images via NRG  | Epic Games

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