Florida Joker has some words for Rockstar after GTA 6 trailer

Florida Joker has some words for Rockstar after GTA 6 trailer
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7th Dec 2023 17:00

As players have been digging around in the GTA 6 trailer to see what new details they can farm from it, they've noticed something pretty important - many of the trailer's moments mirror real-life occurrences caught on camera in Florida.

With Leonida being based on the state and its incessant headline-grabbing antics on the world stage, it seems that players are pointing out exactly where the inspiration has come from. And one of the recipients of such a 'homage' is coming after GTA itself.

Florida Joker responds to his reference in the GTA 6 trailer

The GTA 6 trailer notably contains a shot of a heavily tattooed man getting his mugshot - something that many fans have connected to the real-life arrest of the man who calls himself the Florida Joker.

It's not out of the ordinary for the trailer (or Florida, for that matter), but one person seems to have remembered this appearance more than others - the Florida Joker himself. Better known as Lawrence Sullivan, Florida Joker went viral after his 2017 mugshot appeared on the news.

"You know they got that character with the face tattoos, you know who they got that inspired by," says the Florida Joker in a video posted to his TikTok account. "By me, just look me up, Florida Joker, Miami Joker, you know what I’m talking about. GTA, we gotta talk."

It's hard to tell if this is all in jest or if Florida Joker has other plans for the team at Rockstar Games, but to be fair, he's probably the most notable person that GTA has parodied in its trailer. We presume the worst is yet to come, though.

Rockstar Games has parodied plenty of real life in its GTA 6 trailer

Many of the social media clips that you can see in the trailer of GTA 6 have all stemmed from real-life inspiration, most notably, the woman with hammers, the woman twerking on top of a moving car, and the naked man running past the gas station.

With alligators going rogue in several clips, these are also parodies of regular occurrences that have been caught on camera. It's clear that Leonida is as much a reflection of the real-life United States as a parody of a new fictional area. We've come to expect it from the series - and frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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