With a rendition of the Galil and Vector being introduced in Season 4, we look at more classic weapons that would melt in Warzone

17:00, 25 Jun 2020

Call of Duty Warzone has a wide variety of weapons taken from the Modern Warfare arsenal, including everything from fast-firing sub-machine guns, heavyweight light-machine guns and even the riot shield if you get lucky in one of the several loot caches which are littered all over Verdansk.

Sometimes using and finding the same weapons over and over again can feel a little bit repetitive, and rather than drawing from the Modern Warfare arsenal, there is a very simple solution to keeping the Warzone weapon pool fresh with new weaponry bought in from previous Call of Duty titles.

We take a look at five weapons from previous CoD titles that would be perfect additions to Warzone and would add some much-needed variety to the current metagame.

#1 - R700 

This all-time classic sniper rifle from Call of Duty 4 would slot in perfectly alongside the HDR and the AX-50 which are often used in Warzone. The bolt-action rifle packs an extremely big punch and combined with its extremely fast aim down sight speed, the potential to quick-scope an enemy at any range imaginable would be a perfect addition to the weapon pool.

Its versatility would set it apart from other snipers in the category, encouraging many different styles of play rather than just using it to eliminate enemies at long ranges whilst hiding in a bush.


#2 - PP90M1

Often dubbed as the “pea-shooter”, the PP90M1 from Modern Warfare 3 resembles the Bizon (which already features in Warzone) but the PP90M1 is armed with a much faster rate of fire and a recoil pattern that needs minimal interference when firing at full capacity. The rapid rate of fire would likely surpass the MP5, enabling it to excel in several close-quarters situations.

Thanks to the near-limitless combinations that can be created in the Gunsmith, the potential to kit out a PP90M1 with a monolithic suppressor and an extremely large magazine is all too tempting to dominate the opposition in Verdansk.


#3 - G36C

Perhaps the most underrated assault rifle from CoD4 is the G36C. It may not have had the capabilities to contend with the likes of the M16 at longer ranges but in mid-range combat, it was a class above the rest, taking out any form of opposition with ease. The steady rate of fire and moderate recoil levels meant that it did take some trigger discipline to maximise its effectiveness but once players had managed to master it, it was arguably the second-best AR in the game.

Theoretically speaking, equipping the G36 with a barrel to further increase its damage output, alongside an Operator Foregrip and Stippled Grip Tape to reduce the recoil, would make it lethal at longer ranges - but the last thing Warzone players want is another iteration of the GRAU, which has recently taken over the Warzone metagame as the best weapon to use, regardless of what scenarios players find themselves in. Nonetheless, a well-balanced G36C would do wonders, creating some variety in an AR metagame which has grown increasingly stale in recent months.


#4 - M8A1

The addition of this particular AR would not only add an extremely strong burst weapon into the mix, it would also tie into teasing the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise, widely reported to be a return to Black Ops and set in the Cold War. Clues regarding the setting of the next game have already been located in the mysterious bunkers dotted around the map, and calling on classic weapons from Black Ops titles would be the ultimate teaser for what is releasing later in the year.

Widely considered the best AR from Black Ops 2, the M8A1 had an incredibly fast fire rate despite it being a burst weapon. The minimal gaps between bursts enabled it to take out enemies in one or two bursts regardless of range. Its ease of control makes the M8 suitable for all engagements at range but it does fall short at closer distances, meaning that a fully-automatic secondary weapon in the back pocket would be a perfect loadout to make your way through the opposition and aboard the victory helicopter!


#5 - M16

The M16 AR has been a staple in many Call of Duty titles including the first, third, and fourth Black Ops titles. Many would argue that the M16 from CoD4 is the best weapon in the history of the franchise and it is certainly hard not to agree. The three-burst rifle dominated in all situations and with almost no recoil, anyone and everyone could use it and deal damage on the battlefield.

Either of the three Black Ops iterations of the M16 would add even more fuel to the fire that Black Ops is returning to the Cold War and as one of the weapons used by American military forces during the Vietnam War, its introduction into Warzone could definitively pinpoint the setting for the next game.


All of these nostalgic classics would fare well in Warzone, and with renditions of the Galil and Vector making it's way to Season 4, in Season 5 we could see some more classics introduced.

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Image via Activision

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