Rust, Crash, Vacant, Talsik Backlot, and now Hardhat. All five have made their way to Modern Warfare from previous CoD's, is it lazy?

13:00, 30 May 2020

In recent years, it has become commonplace for Call of Duty developers to include remastered maps as a part of the initial launch. In Black Ops 4, there were four maps from previous Black Ops games in the map rotation upon release. While this was revered at the time, many fans are getting tired of playing the same maps over and over again. While the design may be different, the overall feel of the map is still the same. So, should this continue in future Call of Duty titles?

Remastered maps reportedly in development for COD 2020

In terms of remastering maps, Treyarch are pretty much professionals at this point. Whether it was the DLC in Black Ops 3, including Zombie Chronicles, or the maps at launch in Black Ops 4, Treyarch is no stranger to this practice. 

However, the developers are rumoured to be doing the same thing again for their 2020 title. Reportedly named “Black Ops: Cold War”, the game is supposedly going to remaster the same maps we saw reimagined in Black Ops 4. 

In recent Call of Duty news, known leaker TheGamingRevolution reported on this news in his latest video, which you can watch below. 

Essentially, the leak states that four Black Ops maps, Jungle, Summit, Nuketown, and Firing Range, are all coming back in 2020. Upon hearing this news, the community as a whole was not particularly thrilled. 

One of the integral parts of any multiplayer shooter is the maps that users play on. This decides what weapon players use and how they pick their play style. An exciting part of any new Call of Duty release is learning the new maps and how to play them. 

Well, in the past couple of years, there haven’t been as many new maps to learn thanks to the inclusion of remastered maps. Though Modern Warfare didn’t feature any at launch, the free DLC is jam-packed with remastered maps. It’s safe to say the novelty of old maps returning to new games has worn off, and players are ready to see a plethora of new maps. 

Image via PlayStation

However, developers don’t seem too keen on providing this. There are roughly 9 brand new maps in every modern Call of Duty title. The rest of the maps are either remastered or saved for future DLC. To compare, older games like Modern Warfare 3 launched with 15+ brand new maps. 

Though developers may think remastered maps are what the community wants, it’s simply not true anymore. Players are growing tiresome of loading up the same maps every other year with very few new ones to explore. Call of Duty 2020 will most likely feature remastered maps, but we can hope that there are 12+ new maps to learn. If not, we could see the fanbase become bored extremely quickly as we saw in Black Ops 4.

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Image via PlayStation

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