Fan-Favourite Shoot The Ship Playlist And Maps Set For MW2 Season 1

Fan-Favourite Shoot The Ship Playlist And Maps Set For MW2 Season 1
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


10th Nov 2022 14:43

We all became quite accustomed to the Shoot the Ship playlist in Modern Warfare 2019, with Shipment and Shoot House becoming popular maps to farm kills and XP.

Together, the two small-styled maps made for thrilling multiplayer matches, if you could avoid the reigning barrage of killstreaks. Shoot House alone stole the hearts of many players - being the best close-quarters design the devs have rolled out since Nuketown.

Even though it was supported for an entire three years and was borderline overused, the developers are not done with the Shoot the Ship map combo, and both are confirmed to be coming in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

Shipment and Shoot House Confirmed For MW2 Season 1

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Although we've seen Museum axed and both Crown Raceway and Breenbergh Hotel come under fire from lawsuits, only two maps are being added in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, neither of which are original. The first map to be added as post-launch content is Shoot House, coming in as a remaster of the three-year-old 

Coming back for the sixth time (yes, six!), Shipment is to be added in December, for the mid-season update. The tiny, boxed-shape, bomb-heavy map is also featured in CoD: 4, CoD: 4 Remastered, MW2019, CoD: Mobile, Vanguard, and now Modern Warfare 2.

With Shipment coming later, this will reignite the Shoot the Ship combination, just in time for Christmas, possibly tipping the scales on anyone weighing up if Modern Warfare 2 should go on their list to Santa.

Fans React To Shoot House And Shipment MW2 Remasters

"I cant wait to just play these two maps again," one fan said on Reddit, with many people looking forward to the prospect of levelling up their guns quickly on such notoriously XP-heavy maps. Given that the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith requires so much work to unlock attachments, these two designs will be quite a popular addition. "Shipment I will use for grinding shotguns but I'm very very excited for Shoot House," added another fan.

Others aren't as happy though, and would have preferred some more original designs or remastered content that we've never had before. "Ah yes, the same two maps that have had the 24/7 playlists on MW2019 for the last two years, a breath of fresh air," one fan joked on Reddit. Another claimed they'd rather have had "Favela, Highrise, Terminal, or Wasteland".

While the general consensus is that both maps will be a lot of fun, others would have liked to see more post-launch additions. With Infinity Ward's focus also pirouetting to Warzone 2 and DMZ though, maybe we might be more fortunate in future updates.

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