A new Fall Guys x Dark Souls crossover brings the dark aesthetic of Lordran to the colourful world of those bouncing beans.

13:10, 17 Oct 2020

Find your trusty steed and get ready to storm the castle with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2. The bouncing party game is giving itself a fresh lick of paint with the Medieval-themed Season 2 and an overhaul of levels, skins, and general gameplay.

As well as new additions like Thicc Bonkus and levels like Knight Fever, you can try and sit on the throne as a variety of newcomers like damsels, dragons, and goblins. 

With the drawbridge being lowered for a tonne of Medieval content, one creative player has imagined a world where Mediatonic's adorable title crosses over with the shadowy realm of Dark Souls. Swapping watermelons and Big Yeetus for Lordran and the cursed land of FromSoftware's RPG. 


YouTuber Sanadsk has shown off the Fall Guys x Dark Souls marriage which is dubbed the "Prepare to Dive Edition". It's a clever riff on the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition that brings beans to Lordran. Created in the Unreal Engine 4, "Prepare to Dive" swaps Dark Souls' mushroom people for beans - assuming they're the closest thing in the game. As well as this, Sanadsk has shown off an impressive array of cosmetics that channel some of Dark Souls' infamous enemies into Fall Guys skins.


Usual obstacles like largely harmless pink goop have been replaced with invisible drawbridges and fire tornadoes that would do a lot more damage than simply yeeting beans off the course. All in all, the cinematic trailer looks like it's an official crossover between the two publishers. The much grittier version of Fall Guys definitely fits with what you'd expect from a Medieval theme. 


Fall Guys Dark Souls

Considering Dark Souls is held by many as one of the greatest video games of all time, it's no surprise there's still a huge fanbase for it some nine years after it first hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The crossover is a million miles away from the usual candy-coated aesthetic of Fall Guys, but we've got to admit, we're living for it. Also, with a Demon's Souls remake coming next month, the timing is perfect for an uptick in Souls content.


After everything from Portal to Team Fortress 2 has been immortalised in Fall Guys, the latest Season 2 leaks have given The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 the nod. With "Prepare to Dive" showing what a very different kind of crossover could look like, will this prompt Mediatonic to roll out an official Dark Souls skin for Season 2? Well, it can't be more horrifying than the Sonic skin.



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Images via Mediatonic | Namco Bandai Games

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