EA boss teases more Star Wars Jedi games for Cal Kestis

EA boss teases more Star Wars Jedi games for Cal Kestis
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3rd Aug 2023 17:10

Star Wars games are always pretty big bangers, even if the game itself turns out to be a bit pants. That's the magic of the galaxy far, far away.

The IP is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the world of pop culture, and if you slap a Star Wars sticker on any game, there's no way it isn't going to sell well enough to justify another. Say what you will about the overexposure of the movies, but the games consistently smash it. The Jedi series is no different.

Cal Kestis has become a mainstay in Star Wars protagonists for good reason, and now that we've got our hands on Jedi: Survivor, we're left wondering what's next for our hero. It looks like EA is wondering the same thing.

EA Boss wants more Jedi games

Cal Kestis Jedi Survivor
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As reported by GameSpot, EA's recent first-quarter earnings call - which also revealed some pretty troubling takes on the state of Battlefield- EA CEO Andrew Wilson has indicated that we could yet see more from Cal Kestis.

The CEO spoke of the successes of the Jedi series of games, stating: "Our teams are always thinking about what are new experiences that we might be able to create. Certainly, I would love to see more in the Jedi franchise over time. It's just an extraordinary game that tells an extraordinary story.

"We might be a little biased, but our sense based on the feedback we've been getting from our community and the quality of that product, it's one of the great beats in the Star Wars galaxy this year and will likely continue to be a very meaningful part of that galaxy for many years to come."

It’s reassuring that the CEO at the helm of the company wants more Jedi games - but given that he's the one greenlighting the games in the first place, he's got more of a choice in the matter than we do. There were already rumours, but Respawn Entertainment had better get to work

Jedi: Survivor is coming to last-gen consoles

Cere Junda and Darth Vader Star Wars Jedi Survivor
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Along with this tantalising that we could get more Jedi games soon, it was also revealed that the latest game in the series, Jedi: Survivor, will become more accessible as it arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There's no release date offered, but either way, it's good news for those on last-gen hardware.

As Jedi Game Director Stig Asmussen has said he'd always imagined a trilogy, it's positive that EA is firmly behind the IP. The future of Cal Kestis looks like a bright one, and as well as questions about where he fits into the canon of the wider Star Wars universe, there are calls for him to get his own live-action series.

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