The map will also play on more vertical landscapes than its predecessor.

13:19, 07 Apr 2021

Dying Light 2 has become one of the most anticipated games of the year, with the original version attracting more than 17 million players worldwide since its release in 2015. The next instalment, due later this year, is set to push the limits of the post-apocalyptic dystopia that fights off the undead forces in an open-world RPG setting. 

With the development in full swing, rumours surfaced that the Dying Light 2 map will be much bigger and more convoluted than its predecessor, adding much more to the storyline and overall enjoyment.

In a recent interview with WCCFTech, Lukasz Burdka, Senior Technology Programmer on Dying Light 2, confirmed this theory to be true. He stated: "The estimate that the map in Dying Light 2 is four times bigger than that of the original game is the most precise estimate that we can provide. The map of Dying Light 2 is much more vertical and gives many more exploration opportunities, so the city feels even bigger than it is."

"What actually limits the map's size is the time needed to fill the city with unique gameplay challenges, memorable stories, and interesting exploration possibilities."

The good news for Dying Light 2 stans continues to pour in, with the added size also set to feature much more gameplay on the main storyline. According to Tomasz Szalkowski, Rendering Director, in the same interview, the game could take over 60 hours to complete in its entirety. 


He stated: "If you rush it, you should be able to finish the story in roughly 20 hours. But to see it all, you’d have to spend 2-3 times more time than that."

"Our opening area alone can last for over 7-8 hours if you want to explore every nook and cranny, so there’s absolutely a lot to play here."

Despite the lack of a release date set in stone, the developers have chiselled 2021 as the year of release, meaning that it will be live before the turn of the year. As of an announcement in March, the game is reconfirmed for a 2021 release, so grab your flashlights, weapons, and parkour trainers, as the undead are about to flood your screen in a larger way than ever expected.



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Image via Techland

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