Don't Be Fooled By Bloodborne's The Game Awards Tease

Don't Be Fooled By Bloodborne's The Game Awards Tease
Images via FromSoftware | The Game Awards

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Tom Chapman


8th Dec 2022 11:20

Are you ready to go back to Yharnam? Well, not just yet because the latest Bloodborne rumour has probably been debunked before you've even heard about it.

In the seven years since FromSoftware's gothic Souls-like first came to the PS4, Bloodborne has rightly been held as one of the greatest games of all time. So, in a world where the developer has delivered three Dark Souls games, where's our Bloodborne sequel

Is A Bloodborne Announcement Coming To The Game Awards?



We wouldn't hold our breath, but some claim a Bloodborne announcement could be slashing its way into tonight's (December 8) The Game Awards. Geoff Keighley's annual showcase is the last chance saloon for 2022 reveals, so we're expecting a lot.

Over on Twitter, @thisislijoe noticed that Bloodborne is going down for server maintenance during the same timeframe that The Game Awards is nabbing all our attention. This (obviously) led to wild theories we're going to get an announcement.

Whether a new-gen patch, a full-blown remaster akin to The Last of Us Part I, or a long-rumoured sequel, a simple mention of the word Bloodborne is enough to get it trending on Twitter

The comments were soon flooded with wild speculation and angry debunkings. One hopeful wrote, "Brother don't get me hyped up about Maintenace PLEASE," while another added, "Hahahaha they are always finding new ways to crush your hopes."

When one fan noted, "Same thing happened at the last sony showcase thing and it was nothing," the OP wrote, "Probably nothing but doesn’t hurt to be prepared."

Will There Be A Bloodborne Sequel?

There's a lot going on at FromSoft HQ, and as well as Elden Ring's Collesseum update, Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed the developer's next game is ready to go. As one critic pointed out, we're unlikely to get Elden Ring and Bloodborne news in the same week.

We have a love-hate relationship with Bloodborne, especially after Sony trolled fans with a cryptic tweet and insider Colin Moriarty promised we "haven't seen the last of Bloodborne" despite there being no form of update. 

We wouldn't place any bets on Bloodborne at The Game Awards, but come back and wipe the egg off our faces if we're wrong.  Don't worry, we'll be right one of these days. 

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