A Bloodborne Sequel Could Be On The Way

A Bloodborne Sequel Could Be On The Way
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4th May 2022 12:30

Yeah, Elden Ring is pretty good and all that, but will anything really beat your 1,000th blister-inducing fight against Father Gascoigne? FromSoftware games have all pushed the boundaries of great storytelling, and while Elden Ring did its bit building an expansive world, there will always be those that prefer Yharnam to the Lands Between.

In the seven years since Bloodborne sucked the life out of the competition, the PlayStation-exclusive has rightly spread its wings and soared above the competition as one of the best video games of all time. While Elden Ring has slashed its way into the arena to claim a similar crown, it's also brought Bloodborne to the front of the conversation once again. 

Is A Bloodborne Sequel On The Way?

These days, seven years without a remake or remaster is pretty long. As rumours of a new-gen The Last of Us remake look more likely by the day, Bloodborne could be following suit. Others will quickly jump on the bandwagon that a Bloodborne sequel might be on the way, and while it's all very fanciful, let's get on the hype train.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Sacred Symbols Podcast, former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty has some interesting insight into Bloodborne. While running through the Top 24 PlayStation 4 games, Bloodborne came in at No. 9. Moriarty said, "I have no problem with this game being in the top ten, this is an iconic PlayStation game." Without missing a beat, he then added, "You haven't seen the last of Bloodborne, I'll tell you that." 

Although the idea that Sony isn't done with Bloodborne yet is a promising one, this could mean literally anything. All these years later though, we doubt it's a DLC. For years, we've heard rumblings of Bloodborne 2, but nothing has come to pass. Even though there's already been rife speculation about Elden Ring 2, it would make sense to return to Yharnam first.


How Else Could Bloodborne Continue?

Bloodborne Gameplay
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Looking at the bigger picture, it's more likely FromSoftware (or someone else) is working on a Bloodborne remaster. Much like The Last of Us, we've heard plenty about it losing its PS4 exclusivity and getting a fresh coat of the red stuff for PS5. Elsewhere, Bloodborne could take a leaf out of God of War's book and finally come to PC - the modders will be overjoyed.

Moriarty has a strong track record with leaks, and remember, it was him who first reported Bluepoint Games' Demon's Souls remake before anyone else. Now that Bluepoint was recently acquired by Sony, it can add another notch to its acclaimed remake belt with Bloodborne. For now, we're left hoping FromSoft could creak open the crypt and give us the Bloodborne sequel we deserve. Well, it would be one way to top Elden Ring


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