Elden Ring Colosseum Update Release Time

Elden Ring Colosseum Update Release Time
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Harry Boulton


7th Dec 2022 09:30

If you're a keen PvPer, or are just desperate for more of FromSoftware's latest world, then you might be wondering when the exact Elden Ring Colosseum update release time is. Ever since Elden Ring released, players have been puzzled as to the purpose of the various closed-off colosseums scattered throughout the Lands Between. However, with the recent update announcement we have finally got an answer, so now it is just a case of finding out when the Elden Ring Colosseum update release time is to jump straight in.

When Does The Elden Ring Colosseum Update Go Live?

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Having been announced with just a day's notice, there hasn't actually been that much time to preemptively figure out when the exact Elden Ring Colosseum update release time is. Thankfully, FromSoftware released information this morning regarding the server maintenance downtime, which gives you everything you need to know about when you can jump straight in.

As you can see, the maintenance began at 8AM GMT/1AM PDT on December 7, and only lasted an hour, meaning that you can download and jump into the Elden Ring Colosseum update right now.

It is exclusively based around PvP fights, giving keen fighters a dedicated playground to test all of their tools within, so don't expect any additional story or single player content quite yet. However, leaks have pointed to a number of new bosses within the game, and with the Game Awards just around the corner we could see more content announced.

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How Big Is The Elden Ring Colosseum Update?

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Thankfully, the Elden Ring Colosseum update is only a 1.6GB download, meaning that even with less-than-ideal internet it won't take long for you to be able to jump in. You might want to boost your connection if you have any aims of achieving those time-perfect dodges though!

So, that's all you need to know about the specific Elden Ring Colosseum update release time, including further details about the size of the latest patch. Check out our Elden Ring boss locations guide if you're still struggling to find every tough foe in the game.

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