Why Is Bloodborne Trending On Twitter?

Why Is Bloodborne Trending On Twitter?
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Tom Chapman


29th Nov 2022 12:19

Uh oh, it's that time of the month again. You know when you see an elderly celebrity trending on Twitter and we fear they've died, the continuous trending of Bloodborne has us thinking there's major news.

It's easy to forget that Bloodborne "only" came out in 2015, and with all the remakes, remasters, and Skyrim special editions, seven years is more than enough time to warrant a return to Yharnam.

FromSoftware's gothic horror undoubtedly laid the foundations for 2022's Elden Ring, but sadly, there's no news on whether Hidetaka Miyazaki is ready for more. Someone should probably tell Twitter that. 

Why Is Bloodborne Trending On Twitter?

There have been over 8.5k Bloodborne tweets, which have caused the hack-n-slash title to trend on Mr. Musk's social media platform. One fan joked, "Guys just think, one day Bloodborne will be trending, and it'll actually be good news...right?"

Another said, "Me clicking on Bloodborne trending yet again fully knowing it has not been ported to PC and probably never will be," while a third concluded, "Day 12,347 of BloodBorne trending Sony's response: Can we Remake the remake of the last of us?"

It's baffling to think that in 2022, Bloodborne isn't even on PC. As Sony pushes forward with putting previously exclusive games like God of WarThe Last of Us, and Horizon on PC, it's true that a PC port for Bloodborne would be an easy sell. 

This is partly why some think the Souls-like is trending. With the Game Awards just around the corner, it would be the perfect time to announce a mythical Bloodborne PC port. It definitely seems more likely than the other options. 

Could We See More Of Bloodborne?

If not a PC port, dare we dream of something more? A Bloodborne remaster would definitely sit well on the PS5, or what about a full-blown sequel? Given that we've had three Dark Souls games, it's definitely possible.

Unfortunately, Sony doesn't have the best track record with Bloodborne. In October, it trolled fans with a cryptic tweet, got everyone's hopes up, then went and deleted it. It sounds like FromSoft is busy trying to expand its Elden Ring lore.

A rumoured Bloodborne remake was quickly debunked by insiders, and we've heard nothing more Colin Moriarty's promises that we "haven't seen the last of Bloodborne." Basically, our chances of seeing John Bloodborne again is anyone's guess.

Either way, we'll undoubtedly be tuning in to the Game Awards on December 8 - undoubtedly to be disappointed. 

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