Dolphin Diving Is Back In Modern Warfare 2

Dolphin Diving Is Back In Modern Warfare 2

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Jack Marsh


10th Jun 2022 11:34

Infinity Ward seems to be leaning into the thirst for nostalgia for Modern Warfare 2, with iconic maps returning for the second iteration of Warzone and the multiplayer side of things.

Focusing on realism in the current era of warfare, it also sounds like the developers are trying to balance the current movement mechanics with a feeling of rustic-ness - stripping back the gameplay somewhat to create a smoother playing atmosphere.

With that in mind, the perfect crossover between the current movement mech and the old-school clunkiness is returning, according to reports. Fresh out of the Black Ops playbook, Modern Warfare 2 will include Dolphin Diving for only the second time since the Jet Pack era kicked off.

Is Dolphin Diving Back In Modern Warfare 2?

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Players will remember Dolphin Diving primarily from Black Ops 1 when it was first introduced. Holding the crouch button would fling you into an airborne prone position, which sometimes proved as a savvy way of avoiding fire, but was mainly used to fling yourself down the stairs in Kino Der Toten 

Reports from Charlie Intel detail that the diving mechanic is set to return in Modern Warfare 2, changing the way that players will get into prone positions. Dolphin Diving will also be combined with a new swimming manoeuvre, where players can wade through water, somewhat similar to how it worked in Black Ops Cold War. Diving into water will then mean you can have a pistol or knife out to get kills - other weapons won't work.


Will Modern Warfare 2 Have slide Cancelling?

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As with a new diving mechanic, this means that the sliding will also have adjustments to how it will work. Players will seemingly now not need to hold down buttons to slide, should they be sprinting; this is currently an option in Vanguard, albeit you have to change the slide settings from "hold to slide" to "tap". 

The exact changes to sliding in Modern Warfare 2 have yet to have been revealed though. During the Campain Reveal on June 9, Infinity Ward did showcase that sliding will also be possible, meaning that a change is inevitable.

Whether it will be as simple as sliding will be a tap of your button while sprinting, rather than just crouching, it's yet to be seen. 

The Dolphin Dive doesn't exactly rule out slide cancelling, although you'll have to be careful not to hold down your crouch and go flying out of a second-story window. 

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