As Epic Games tears open the Zero Point in Chapter 2 Season 5, a new Fortnite storm glitch is accidentally giving players infinite wins for free.

09:36, 08 Dec 2020

It's all change over in Fortnite as we're on the hunt in Chapter 2 Season 5. There's plenty to take in with the revamped map. As well as the crashed wreckage of The Mandalorian's Razor Crest, there's new POIs like Colossal Coliseum and Stealthy Stronghold, while the Zero Point has also been blasted open. Now that Galactus has been banished from the game, we've moved on from the Marvel-themed Season 4 to tackle a classic character based-story with the return of Agent Jonesy.

Although each of the new POIs all offer there own unique properties, the Zero Point is arguably the most important. Alongside seeming like it will be crucial to the game's evolving arc, the Zero Point has the added bonus of healing your damage if you're close enough to its hovering orb. Now, players have been exploiting this to uncover a game-breaking Fortnite storm glitch.


Fortnite storm glitch: What's going on?

New way to get infinite free wins from r/FortNiteBR

Posting on Reddit u/Silv3erz showed off how the Zero Point's healing properties can help you stay alive and best the competition while caught in the middle of the swirling storm. The problem comes from the fact that the Zero Point currently has no limit on the amount of times you can jump into it to heal. Coupling this with no cooldown means you can survive forever in the depths of the deadly storm and watch your opponents fall one by one. 

By camping out by the Zero Point, sneaky players can live indefinitely and secure victory in the battle royale by doing nothing. In the clip shared by Silv3erz, you can hear two players chuckling about their wicked win without a care in the world. It's unclear how the glitch was found, but either way, it's arguably more deadly than the storm itself.



Fornite storm glitch: Will it be fixed?

Players are becoming Invisible or having Godmode due to the quicksand. from r/FortNiteBR

Given the severity of the glitch, expect the Epic devs to be on this faster than the Mandalorian on a bounty. As with any start of a Fortnite season, Season 5 has been plagued with problems that are screwing with how the Battle Royale mode performs. Only last week, others were exploiting the new quicksand feature to become invisible or gain unlimited health. Epic was quickly on this one and soon disabled the sand tunnelling abilities. 

The storm glitch is even bigger than this, but as it stands, isn't currently on the Fortnite issues Trello board. We don't advise you use the glitch, because come on, it's hardly fair, is it? Still, with more and more players bringing it to light, expect it to be on the Trello pretty soon and patched out even quicker. In the meantime, suit up and jump off the Battle Bus for some mercenary madness in the "bountiful" bounties of Chapter 2 Season 5.



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