'Cursed' Caustic Gas Traps are flying at players in Apex Legends

'Cursed' Caustic Gas Traps are flying at players in Apex Legends
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Alex Garton


25th Sep 2023 14:19

Living Shell Trios have taken over Apex Legends for the Harbingers Collection Event, allowing players to throw out lock-on Revenant skulls that explode when they reach their target.

As they're slow-moving, the throwable can be easily avoided by destroying them with a few well-aimed bullets before they reach your position.

Despite being a lot of fun and adding an extra gameplay element to Apex's typical format, they are causing a few unintended but hilarious consequences.

One of them is flying Caustic barrels that lock onto targets while spitting out gas damage on everything around them.

Caustic bug makes Gas Traps fly in Apex Legends

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user HarshaKota decided to share a clip of a Caustic Gas Trap taking to the skies, causing serious issues for their squad.

While fighting an enemy team on Olympus, HarshaKota heard a set of opponents coming and was preparing for an intense gunfight.

However, instead of a foe poking their head around the corner, they were greeted by a flying Caustic barrel spitting out gas damage.

If that wasn't enough, the trap floated towards them and followed their movement, making it impossible to escape its wrath. While the barrel was eventually destroyed, it was enough of a distraction for the opposing squad to wipe out HarshaKota's team.

What's causing Caustic Gas Trap bug in Apex Legends?

Caustuc Apex Legends
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It appears the Living Shell throwables have the same properties as terrain in Apex Legends, but obviously float through the air as well.

Due to this, some Caustic players have realised they can throw out their barrels on top of them, allowing the Gas Traps to float towards enemies.

It's hard to know whether any other abilities act in a similar way, but nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see whether Respawn patches this issue or leaves it for the remainder of the event.

While frustrating in some cases, it's undeniably hilarious and is going to generate some incredible clips.

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