Apex Legends leak reveals first look at Revenant's 'Nightmare' Prestige skin

Apex Legends leak reveals first look at Revenant's 'Nightmare' Prestige skin
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Alex Garton


20th Sep 2023 17:05

Revenant's Season 18 rework in Apex Legends transformed the once-forgotten character into one of the most popular Legends in the game.

His impressive climbing abilities, top-tier leap, and powerful shield Ultimate all come together to create a top-tier skirmisher in the Outlands.

If that wasn't enough, Rev has some of the menacing-looking skins and cosmetics in his collection, including his Scythe Heirloom.

Well, Respawn isn't finished with the Synthetic Nightmare yet, as leaks have revealed a "Nightmare" Prestige skin is coming for Revenant very soon.

First look at Revenant 'Nightmare' Prestige skin in Apex Legends

Courtesy of reliable Apex Legends leaker KralRindo, we've been given our first look at the "Apex Nightmare" Revenant Prestige skin.

This rare cosmetic has three tiers that players can unlock by dealing a specific amount of damage with the cosmetic equipped.

The skin itself appears to be inspired by fantasy armour, with his equipment getting progressively more enhanced as he progresses up to tier 3.

Tier 1 is arguably the most striking though, as Revenant does not have a helmet on, exposing his gold-spiked skull.

Revenant 'Nightmare' Prestige skin release date

Revenant Apex Legends
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According to Apex Legends leaker HYPERMYST, the "Apex Nightmare" skin will arrive with the Doppelgangers Collection Event.

This is scheduled to kick off on October 17 and will also be Apex's annual Halloween update, so expect plenty of spooky cosmetics. In the past, we've seen the the likes of wall-running zombies, and in 2023, Respawn is sure to let the blood flow once again. 

In order to unlock Rev's new mythic skin, you'll need to obtain all 24 limited-time cosmetics as part of the event by opening special packs.

Remember, details around Doppelgangers is all based on leaks at the moment, but it's likely an official announcement will drop very soon.

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