You wait all month for one CS:GO update...

20:00, 17 Apr 2020

After a patch that finally fixed - or maybe completely ruined - the SG553, Valve carried on their war against VALORANT by bringing out another CS:GO patch, which fixed the Desert Eagle after they made it a little bit silly; for it was accurate in the air.

The Deagle no longer is accurate in the air, which is a lovely change for anyone who played the game in the last week and saw their teammates dying trying to jumping one-deag and getting popped by a jumping one-deag themselves.

One-on-one warmup arenas have been added to Wingman, instead of the highly efficient “kill all the AFK players and take a screenshot of your K/D” simulator of normal warm-ups. If it’s a success, then it may be added to the real Competitive game mode - for now, it’s only on Vertigo and Train.

Speaking of Vertigo, the map got a pretty heavy facelift. Bombsite B and Middle which connects to B got some interesting changes, with window being changed and the site actually getting a bit lower to the ground, for some reason. Make sure to adjust your pre-aim ‘32 units’ lower than before. Train didn’t get much of a change, just a few bug fixes.

Anubis, Chlorine and Jungle got some slight changes too, and Anubis was added to Competitive last patch too, so the map is seeing some love. Whether we may see it replace Vertigo or even Mirage in the near future is up for debate (and probably unlikely), but good to see some new stuff in the game.

*The watch menu now shows online tournaments, because it really has to at this point, and outside of that, the ability to observe and copy other people’s crosshairs is something that is stolen straight from VALORANT, though it’s hard to blame them, when VALORANT stole so much in return. There are a few more music kits, including ‘Gunman Taco Truck’ by ‘Dren’, which cannot possibly be bad.

Image via Valve

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