Crimsix hits out at CDL Champs format, ‘everyone loses'

Crimsix hits out at CDL Champs format, ‘everyone loses'
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Jack Marsh


23rd May 2023 12:41

Despite having retired at the start of the 2022-23 campaign, Ian "Crimsix" Porter still attains a place on the Call of Duty esports hierarchy as a voice that should be considered and listened to. That's when he's being serious, and not flaming mothers in post-match interviews.

The three-time world champion has now moved on to pastures new with a Formula 1 Sim Racing career, but just as the CDL season climaxes and Champs rolls around the corner, Crim has now taken to social media to echo the thoughts of his former teammates on how the league is structured.

Ahead of the 2023 World Championships, Crimsix has now hit out at the CDL for their 8-team format at the pinnacle event, which has an adverse effect on players being "held hostage" by teams that need to qualify.

Crimsix calls for the eight-team Champs format to be overhauled

Crimsix at the CDL
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The race for the top-eight has begun to heat up in the CDL, as three of the bottom four teams have had their fates already decided, and Las Vegas Legion looks to do the impossible by overturning a 20-point deficit to pick Minnesota ROKKR, Seattle Surge, or Boston Breach to the post.

But Crimsix has always advocated for having all 12 teams play at Champs, and has now claimed that "With eight teams qualifying, everyone loses." The CDL legend said, "There's a lack of storyline potential and less gameplay to be watched."

Porter also opened up that teams abuse this qualification lock-in to "screw" players in their substitute roles or academy teams.

"A lot of people aren't factoring in that orgs will hold their substitutes/benched players 'hostage' for fear of an opposing team acquiring them and potentially knocking their team out of champs qualification," he added.

Eight-team CDL Champs format "screwed" Crimsix, NYSL, and Hicksy last season

Crimsix claims that while only eight teams can make Champs, organisations are now holding back players from being able to play for other teams in the league, in fear of them usurping the parent org's place in the table. 

Pointing out Toronto Ultra's now-main SMG player Charlie "Hicksy" Hicks as one example, Crimsix claimed that Ultra refused to allow Hicksy to be a target for New York Subliners last season, who emerged as a target to replace Travis "Neptune" McCloud. 

"We tried to pick up Hicksy multiple times last year but never got past the initial discussions with Ultra. Turns out, we got lucky and Kismet was a god. The fact still remains that it was an incredibly stressful season due to this top-eight-only format. Kismet got blessed then blessed us. And Hicksy got screwed," Crimsix said.

The battle for the top eight has thrown up quite the fairytale ending to the regular season, with Vegas Legion - led by James "Clayster" Eubanks - finishing with a flurry to try and pip the final qualification spot. Elsewhere, the re-introduction of Dillon "Attach" Price to the ROKKR roster has seen these fabled teammates become fearsome foes going into Major V.

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