Las Vegas To Host CDL World Championships - According To Censor's Stream

Las Vegas To Host CDL World Championships - According To Censor's Stream
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Jack Marsh


17th May 2022 11:27

The Call of Duty World Championships 2022 is becoming more of a lottery by every Major, as three different winners have taken home the spoils out of the three events of the year so far, highlighting the exceptional standard. With no one sure who will come out on top in every single match, people will be brave to place a wager on who will be crowned as the best in the business.

But all roads must lead to the same venue, and where else to place your bets than the end of Route 66?

Well, according to a slip of the tongue, the colours of red and black may be cascading along the world championship ribbons - not necessarily by the colours of LA Thieves, but rather by the diamonds and spades of Las Vegas.

CDL World Championships Las Vegas Potentially Leaked

Many fans had hoped for a World Championship in London, taking the infamously American-dominated league back to Europe and playing in front of the craziest set of fans that the community has to offer.

However, the madness in Minnesota and the envy of the new green wall have shown America has what it takes to stay as the host, and according to a new leak via Doug "Censor" Martin, the finals are to be played in Nevada, United States, home of Las Vegas.

It wasn't Doug's own mouth that let slip the information, rather one of his teammates, although they can be distinctly heard saying, "you said that Champs is in Nevada, right?", even with Censor's efforts of covering up the blab.


Of course, this could just be some classic bait, although Censor has recently been open to discussing certain operations within the Call of Duty company, with help from inside sources.

The Boston Breach content creator recently let slip that one of his sources claimed that Modern Warfare 2's development is "s**t", proving that he's more than in the loop about the future of the franchise.

The last event to be held in Las Vegas was way back in 2019, prior to the CDL, when the Call of Duty World League Las Vegas Open kicked off the Black Ops 4 season. Surprisingly, the state of Nevada boasts no franchise from the league, making it the first CDL event not to have a home team, maybe in hopes that Champs is played on even soil.


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