New Vanguard Weapon Is Stupidly Overpowered

New Vanguard Weapon Is Stupidly Overpowered

Written by 

Jack Marsh


24th Aug 2022 13:44

The Call of Duty developers is adding an energy-powered Assault Rifle into Vanguard and Warzone, sent from the future back to the second world war. Some sort of multiverse of madness attempt?

The addition of the gun doesn't just throw Call of Duty canon out of the window, which is fair enough if that's what the developers have decided at this point of Vanguard's tenuous lifeline. 

However, the major problem is that its completely and utterly overpowered.

Vanguard EX1 Is Stupidly Overpowered

Coming in the hands of new operator Raul Menendez, the Vanguard EX1 Assault Rifle will be live on August 24, as Season 5 commences.

But, players can access the gun before its launch through custom lobbies and private matches, and the gun absolutely shreds. Taking to Reddit, one fan has already showcased just how fearsome the EX1 is.

The clip shows the EX1 having the power to one-shot kill an enemy while boasting perfect hip-fire accuracy, something that a ranged weapon has never had.


Vanguard Fans Fearful For Broken EX1 Gun

After seeing the bizarre energy gun appear to be outrageously powerful, fans have now begun to quake in their boots. 

One fan thinks it's going to be a festival of garbage, taking to Reddit to say, "This is gonna be a sh*tfest". Not only can the EX1 almost become a hip-fire sniper, the weapon is also deadly as a fully auto machine that tears through opponents in a rapid-fire fashion.

The EX1 will likely be at the forefront of its power during the first week or two of Season 5, before it gets quickly nerfed.

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