The trailer depicts the four Resident Evil villains as puppets.

16:59, 03 May 2021

It's almost time for the new chapter in the Resident Evil book, whose pages are tinted with the haunted adventures of Ethan Winters and tormented with the sensual glints of Lady Dimitrescu's eyes. 

Resident Evil fans are eagerly anticipating the newest horror, which may or may not be directly connected to RE4. As couch experts and internet incessant individuals attempt to crack Easter eggs and connect the dots behind the true story of Resident Evil Village, the demon-loving developers have kept their cards quite close to their chests.

Capcom has now ramped up their promotional campaign ahead of Resident Evil Village's release on May 7, and has scaled Lady D down from her 9 foot 6 inches status to a glove-like size.

The developers have now released a glimpse at four of the title's villains, albeit in puppet form.

The display sees voluptuous vampire queen Lady D lined up alongside chainsaw fanatic Heisenberg, upcoming mutant hunchback Salvatore Moreau, and sock-like Angie. The latter seems to be the inspiration behind the performance, being a puppet within previous instalments of the game series.


All four characters take to their native Japanese tongue within the display to sing and dance in a hauntingly beautiful manner. The brought-to-life fabrics add a classic 19th-century authenticity to a title reliant on rusticity and picturesque depictions of a Victorian-like horror. 

Unfortunately for eagle-eyed anticipators, the puppet play offered little in the way of hints and leaks as to what is to come in Resident Evil Village but did spur the catalyst of energy towards the countdown. 

Seemingly, it was just a bit of fun for Capcom, embracing the inner child behind a dreaded masterpiece.



Image via Capcom

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