Call of Duty's Hated Krampus Event Led To Godzilla VS Kong

Call of Duty's Hated Krampus Event Led To Godzilla VS Kong
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Joseph Kime


2nd May 2022 10:15

Call of Duty seems to be going a little bit… off the wall. The Fortnite-ification of Warzone has been a long time coming, but now as Snoop Dogg, Armoured Titans, and Rambo himself have made it into the game, it seems that both the battle royale game and its mainline counterpart have ditched their dedication to military realism.

The goofiness of the collaborations has only amped up, and now as Godzilla and Kong are making their way onto the battlefield, it isn't slowing down. But, love it or hate it, the new crossover was actually inspired by an event that has been and gone already. And it's one that fans absolutely hated.

How Were Godzilla And Kong Inspired By Krampus?

Call of Duty's Hated Krampus Event Led To Godzilla VS Kong
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Raven Software

Last Christmas, a new event came to Call of Duty that seriously rubbled players the wrong way. Krampus, the nasty anti-Santa would invade games and absolutely merk players, causing a lot of unfair deaths and inducing sheer rage when he'd appear right at the end of a game and steal a win from squads with his unreasonable power.

Fans detested Krampus' arrival, but as it turns out, we have him to thank for the drop of the MonsterVerse titans. In an interview with CharlieIntel, Raven Software's Ted Timmins revealed the impact that Krampus had on this new event. "We all jumped on a call on the 27th of December and were like 'this is love to hundreds of players. We've got to rebalance Krampus, he is too strong,'" he said.

"If we do an event like Krampus, like King Kong and Godzilla, it should be its own Limited-Time Mode so the players opt-in to that experience." So, while Warzone can be a bit of a mess, at least Raven Software is sometimes listening to our complaints. 


Godzilla And Kong Won't Take Over The Whole Warzone Experience

Call of Duty's Hated Krampus Event Led To Godzilla VS Kong
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As will come as a huge relief to Krampus haters, as a result of the backlash to the Festive Fervor event, Kong and Godzilla won't be infiltrating regular battle royale whatsoever. The new crossover will instead be limited to the Operation Monarch playlist, with the standard battle royale and Rebirth Island modes being free of the beasties.

This will be good news for a lot of fans, who simply seethed at Krampus - and even better news for MonsterVerse fans, who can practically guarantee an appearance from the titans in-game. The approach is a lot more user-friendly, and it's certainly welcome, but we won't pretend it wouldn't have been funny to watch players get unexpectedly pummelled by Kong. Ah well.


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