Call Of Duty Fans Divided By Godzilla And Kong Skins

Call Of Duty Fans Divided By Godzilla And Kong Skins
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Joseph Kime


22nd Apr 2022 09:58

Well, it's official. Godzilla and Kong are coming to Call of Duty. While Kaiju Twitter loses its collective mind (yes, it's a thing), Call of Duty fans are naturally sceptical. The big boys are here, and players are going to have to deal with it.

A lot of Vanguard's marketing relied on the fact that the game was World War II "like you've never experienced before," and for the game to now turn into a melting pot of Snoop Doggs and Armoured Titans, it very much flies in the face of that. Cue all the usual moaning, though - as new skins are rubbing players the wrong way.

Call Of Duty Reveals New Godzilla VS Kong Skins

Call Of Duty Fans Divided By Godzilla And Kong Skins
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A series of Operator skins that pay homage to Godzilla, Kong, and MechaGodzilla are coming alongside the Operation Monarch event that is arriving in Vanguard and Warzone.

The skins were revealed by the full graphic that displays everything set to come to the two games in their third seasons, along with more Vanguard Zombies and Multiplayer content.

The Operation Monarch skins are bizarre beast and human hybrids that pay homage to the monsters of the event, but they're… admittedly a bit strange. And at the very least, they don't really adhere to the immediate seriousness of the Second World War in Vanguard. And fans are confused.


Fans React To Strange New Godzilla And Kong Skins

Fans aren't quite sure how to react to the new Godzilla VS Kong skins, with some calling out the games for falling back on expensive skins - and others who are loving the strange new additions.

This is probably the weirdest addition to the games yet, but at this stage, it looks like they're really steering into the skid. The Fortnite-ification of Warzone is here, and we're just going to have to deal with it. Okay, who is next?


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