MW3's Zombies Maps and Operators ‘confirmed’ by Call of Duty

MW3's Zombies Maps and Operators ‘confirmed’ by Call of Duty
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Jack Marsh


19th Sep 2023 17:20

This year, Call of Duty is calling in the undead cavalry to tear you limb from limb, as Zombies is coming to Modern Warfare 3. Importantly, it's the first time that the game mode has been added to the series.

The starving hordes of resurrected demons will be hunting you down in a Call of Duty-first open-world setting, as Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch combine Outbreak and the PvP mode DMZ into one flesh-missing mode.

But while there will be new ghouls to fall victim to a well-placed Monkey Bomb, there appear to be some familiar faces returning to the mode.

New Zombies teasers confirm Samantha Maxis and Weaver's involvement

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The Modern Warfare 3 Zombies was confirmed to be continuing the storyline from Black Ops, although it's not yet clear as to where in the timeline they will be picking up from, and Dr Richrofen has already been spotted pulling the strings as usual.

But a new teaser has now also pinned up the prospect of seeing Samantha Maxis and Grigori Weaver, two icons of the game mode.

The new teaser shows that the characters will be involved in the storyline at some point, although it's not known how they will appear.

In the last iteration of Zombies, Samantha was locked inside the Dark Aether by Dr Richtofen, who also arrested Weaver, but given the disparity of 20-30 years between the two titles (Cold War and MW3), the storyline may be jumping into the future for this instalment.

Call of Duty 'confirms' Modern Warfare 3 Zombies map

Fans have been able to correspond with Call of Duty for teasers over the last few weeks by engaging with text messages and WhatsApp, revealing new art and hints at what's to come.

But eagle-eyed fans have now spotted the map of Las Almas being pinned up on the wall shared by Call of Duty in their latest social media post, matching the one seen in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

This confirms earlier rumours that the DMZ-Outbreak mode will take place on the new Warzone map, either with the full map being available or a small section above the Loot-Lake-like island.

Richtofen, Maxis, Weaver, Las Almas, Apothicons, 115. It's quite an exciting time to be a Call of Duty Zombies fan.

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