Call of Duty reveals a first look at Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Call of Duty reveals a first look at Modern Warfare 3 Zombies
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Jack Marsh


19th Sep 2023 19:01

Oh here we go, Zombies are here and the flesh is tasty! Ahead of the worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare 3 at CoD Next on October 5, Call of Duty has now released the cinematic trailer for the next instalment of Zombies - and there is plenty to feast on.

With Zombies set to be heading into a new direction in Modern Warfare 3, integrated with the series for the first time outside of Black Ops and the pharisaical futuristic mode, Call of Duty has now lifted the lid on what caused this brand-new outbreak.

A new cinematic trailer shows off the brand-new storyline, the death of a beloved character, and just how Soap and Price will tackle Operation Deadbolt.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies revealed through cinematic trailer

The timeline between the last iteration of Call of Duty Zombies and the newest soon-to-be-released mode will see quite a leap, given that we last seen the dead rise from the ground in Forsaken during the Cold War era.

But with Modern Warfare 3 operating in 2024, the new cinematic has now been revealed which offers an insight into how the timeline has jumped.

Taking to YouTube and social media, Call of Duty has now shown that Richtofen's imprisonment of Weaver has now resulted in his death, or at least Weaver has died after escaping, as his corpse was found on a table that contained a vial of what appears to be contained element 115.

However, it seems that Russian operatives under Zakhaev's control captured the vial and set it loose, awakening the dead bodies of the battleground they were sparring over, and causing a massive outbreak.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies will feature Task Force 141

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Dubbed Operation Deadbolt, it seems like Task Force 141 will be charged with containing this apocalypse, with Soap being visible leaving a chopper operated by Laswell.

Although not explicitly seen in the trailer, it's also likely that Ghost will be on the scene too, as pre-ordering customers of MW3 will get a Zombie Ghost skin, where his mask is warped to look like a desecrated skeleton.

Zombies gameplay will likely be aired on October 5, where we will get a better understanding of the game mode.

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