Call Of Duty Return To Classic Gulags In Season 2

Call Of Duty Return To Classic Gulags In Season 2
Raven Software

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Jack Marsh


20th Jan 2023 12:41

Some of our fondest Call of Duty memories have beein in the Gulag showers - duking it out in dance to death and then exerting your dominance by whipping up the most insulting three-second death com that you could imagine.

The days were simpler then. Shorter days, longer nights. The Verdansk air smelled fresh, and the sound of birds chirping could be heard above the rockets and gunfire.

Then, they changed it all. Al Mazrah brought in some barbaric changes to the Gulag - which wasn't even a  Gulag anymore - revamped as a two-versus-two showdown with some common enemy.

Well, after weeks of social media uproar, it now seems Raven Software is throwing it back.

Warzone 2 Devs Scrap 2v2 Gulag

Heading into Warzone 2 Season 2, Raven Software has detailed that a range of features will be adapted to better suit the user experience, resulting in a delay to the update's release.

One of these features includes the post-death battle, as the developers have now scrapped the idea of having a 2v2 Gulag.

This means we're getting a throwback to the classic Gulag experience, where you no longer need to rely on a random player to help you take down twice as many enemies.

Warzone 2 Fans Love The Gulag Changes

Following Raven Software's brief announcement, fans took to social media to applaud their decision. "God bless you, Raven Software," said one fan.

Another added, "We prayed to our lord and savior Raven Software and they are coming through for us like always," while another added a gross analogy by saying, "The whole community collectively nutted."

These changes will also likely bring in a new Gulag map, which could also go hand in hand with the supposed Gunfight game mode, which is set to arrive in Modern Warfare 2.

The duos Gulag will be live until the update is rolled out on February 15, and Raven Software has promised some more details on the change to come via a blog post next week. Either way, the GOAT is back. 

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