CoD Devs Criticised For Turning MW2 Into Vanguard

CoD Devs Criticised For Turning MW2 Into Vanguard
Infinity Ward | Sledgehammer Games

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Jack Marsh


19th Jan 2023 17:00

Call of Duty players around the globe have woken up with unbearing sympathy for Sledgehammer Games, as one year ago marks the biggest ridicule of the Vanguard era, and Infinity Ward matched these efforts with the same treatment of Modern Warfare 2.

Vanguard ran on an Infinity Ward-hosted engine and was slammed (and boycotted) for not being "ready" - mostly because of its held-back content, ultimately resulting the Season 2 being delayed.

Well, Infinity Ward has continued this poorly-tasting ritual by delaying Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, and fans are livid.

Fans Upset As Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Follows Yearly Tradition

On January 19, 2022, Sledgehammer revealed that Season 2 will be pushed back by two weeks to "fix game stability as well as bugs, ensure an overall level of polish for players, and to deliver updates including optimisations to gameplay and balance".

Now, fast forward 12 months, and Infinity Ward has claimed it is making changes based on community feedback and will push back the content by two weeks too.

The most recent delay will allow for time to implement a resurgence map to Warzone 2, finally release Ranked play to Modern Warfare 2, and implement a range of features designed to "balance gameplay," such as bug fixes and mechanical tweaks.

Activision Haven't Learned Their Lesson

It's clear to see that the developers haven't learnt their lesson with Modern Warfare 2, releasing a half-finished game which has led to a bug-ridden experience and unfulfilled gamers.

Why though? Knowing that you will struggle to appease players with a rushed game, surely you'd delay the full game and give fans their money's worth?

Well, that might have something to do with their sales and overall valuation, having to squeeze in as much revenue into the final quarter of the year.

Luckily for IW, it appears fans have been more patient with Modern Warfare 2 than they did with Vanguard, otherwise, we might have had to chalk this year off completely and hope Treyarch can revive the franchise.

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