Call of Duty Fans Torn As Controversial 'No Aim Assist' Controller Clip Goes Viral

Call of Duty Fans Torn As Controversial 'No Aim Assist' Controller Clip Goes Viral
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Jack Marsh


13th Jan 2023 10:36

Most Modern Warafre 2 players would be lost without aim assist. The controller-only feature generates mass amounts of aiming stability, and with the right settings, you don't need to do much more than just hold the trigger to get kills.

Yet when someone has 'mastered' the art of playing Call of Duty without it, fans' minds explode. One clip has gone viral, apparently showing a controller player using no aim assist and maximum sensitivity to play MW2, flicking as if they are on mouse and keyboard... or using Aimbot.

No Aim Assist And Max Sens MW2 Player goes Viral

Modern Warfare 2 content creator "Dynamicyhx" has gone viral for sharing clips where he plays on the maximum sensitivity settings and removes aim assist to turn his controller into a MnK-like aimbot trigger.

The clips show the player snapping from one target to another, even sometimes hitting 180-degree turns with accuracy.

The player also showcased his settings, where it's revealed he plays on "Insane 20" stick sensitivity (both horizontal and vertical) and also has a maxed-out ADS sensitivity multiplier.

Call of Duty Players Torn On Controversial MW2 Clip

Not all Call of Duty players are sold on Dynamicyhx's skills. Pro player Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson wasn't convinced by the clips, saying, "I hate that some people are believing this is legit".

Others also likened his flicks to that of Mason "Symfuhny" Lanier, who often uses the minimap and game knowledge to try and shoot players through random walls - causing fans to accuse cheating on the occasions where he connects.

The controversial content creator did have many supporters though, with some gamers claiming that he's likely legit but only hits these clips once every few hours. 

Dynamicyhx has since uploaded footage with a hand-cam to try and convince his critics of his legitimacy, but the jury remains undecided. What do you think?

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