Battlefield 2042 Delayed Beta Dates Seemingly Confirmed

Battlefield 2042 Delayed Beta Dates Seemingly Confirmed

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Joseph Kime


28th Sep 2021 11:44

Battlefield 2042’s delay has upset a lot of fans. Of course, it’s better that the game is actually prepared for launch (if we ever get there), but it’s still a bummer that we’ll have to wait to get stuck into a game that could well be the defining shooter of the console generation. We get it.

But, the Battlefield 2042 beta release date pushback has sent the beta launch into a bit of a tailspin. The original beta dates weren’t actually that far off by the time the game’s new release date was announced, and now, fans are worried about its arrival. Thankfully, it looks like we might not have to worry much longer.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Dates Supposedly Revealed

A promotion on Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili has suggested that Battlefield 2042’s beta launch is set to be announced on September 29. Whether this reveal comes immediately with the kick-off the beta remains to be seen, and there’s every chance that this leak could impact these dates. Still, they appear to be legit.

Notorious leaker Tom Henderson shared the news on his Twitter page, revealing that there are events between October 6 and October 9, and that the reveal has come from the official Bilibili live stream page.

The validity of this leak is verified by the fact that Battlefield 2042 has an official account on the site, indicating that they intend to stream on these dates.

This will likely cause more stress for fans, as these dates indicate a window of only a few days for the beta. But who knows - maybe we’ll get some more clarification during the stream.

When Does Battlefield 2042 Come Out?

Battlefield 2042 is now looking at a release date of November 19, meaning devs have got some time to make some minor tweaks according to the feedback from the game’s beta.

Fans might still be frustrated over DICE’s manner when it comes to revealing what's to come from the game’s beta, but at the end of the day, dates have been hard to organise after pushing a game back in the way that Battlefield 2042 has. Still, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the game no matter when it arrives - please don’t push it back again, DICE).


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