Asmongold Shares 'The Biggest Problem' With World Of Warcraft

Asmongold Shares 'The Biggest Problem' With World Of Warcraft
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23rd Feb 2022 11:57

MMO Pro Zack "Asmongold" took some time away from Lost Ark to share his thoughts as to exactly what is wrong with World of Warcraft at the minute. 

When it comes to MMO RPGs, there’s no denying that Asmongold is the guy to go to. The Twitch streamer and YouTuber found fame playing the massive multiplayer WoW and his popularity boosted player numbers for Final Fantasy XIV. Fans were then over-the-moon to learn that he co-founded the esports and entertainment organisation One True King (OTK) alongside "Esfand" and Matthew "Mizif" Rinaudo.

No one can deny that Asmongold knows his stuff when it comes to WoW. However, the streamer hasn’t exactly spent much time with the MMO in recent times. So, the MMO pro has taken to his YouTube to explain just exactly what his ‘biggest problem’ with the game is right now. 

What Is The Biggest Problem With WoW, According To Asmongold?

On February 21, Asmongold explained that as he wasn’t streaming that day, he decided to use his free time to explain what the "biggest problem" with WoW is at the minute via a YouTube video. In the clip: Asmongold claimed: "Blizzard is making the same mistake that they have made repeatedly."

The biggest problem Asmongold has with the MMO is that in the game’s new patch, the majority of systems that players will be progressing through "will not be fully account wide." This means that a player’s achievements, companions, and mounts in the game may not be accessible or collectable through their alternative character and that a player would have to go through the same system multiple times. However, Asmongold stated that he often doesn’t want to play these systems "at all" let alone more than once. 

Although he has been a long-dedicated fan of WoW, he has certainly had his problems with the game and its community in the past. However, in recent times, he seems to have turned his attention to Lost Ark, which he even returned to his main Twitch channel for, in order to stream his first playthrough

Why Does Asmongold Have A Problem With Playing System’s Multiple Times?

In his YouTube video, Asmongold emphasised that, on the whole, he does enjoy a number of WoW systems. However, he wasn’t too keen about playing them multiple times because "it’s boring" and "not fun." Asmongold also called on his fans to share their thoughts about his views and a number of them seemed to be in agreement. For example, one fan claimed: "Blizzard realise that you can slow players down and it takes them longer to do stuff and it in THEORY keeps them paying longer. However, if you keep slowing players down, eventually they will stand completely still."

As Asmongold brought his clip to a close, he emphasised that the "amount of systems that the game has had, nowadays, it makes it so daunting for a player to actually want to play another character." So much so, that they choose just to not play the game at all. As a closing statement, he expressed his hope that Blizzard will "wake the f*ck up" and make the game completely "account-wide."


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