WoW Players Host Virtual Sit-In To Protest Activision Blizzard

WoW Players Host Virtual Sit-In To Protest Activision Blizzard
Fence Macabre | Blizzard

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Joseph Kime


23rd Jul 2021 12:13

Yesterday, global communities were rocked by the news that Activision Blizzard was being sued over serious allegations of in-house sexual harassment and ‘frat boy culture’. The upsetting accusations have spread across the industry and drastically shifted the way many interact with the games that the studio have produced.

Some gaming fans have found a way to use Activision Blizzard’s works against them to make sure their voices are heard - and have staged an in-game protest to the working conditions of the women of the company.

World Of Warcraft Players Stage In-Game Sit-In

WoW Fans Stage In-Game Protest
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The role-playing guild Fence Macabre have organised a sit-in taking place in World Of Warcraft in a protest in the face of the horrifying allegations made against Activision Blizzard. The group is stationed at the Idyllia Steps of Oribos, a big point of reference in the recent Shadowlands expansion to the game.

“We as customers and members of this community protest the unethical treatment of employees at Activision Blizzard”, say the group on Twitter -  “and demand that they make transparent lasting changes to their company and associated IPs. We stand with the victims and survivors of Blizzard’s racism and abuse.”

While the sit-in is taking on Activision Blizzard directly, the group are also using the opportunity to raise funds for the non-profit organisation Black Girls Code, which provides tech education for young women of colour.

The World Of Warcraft Protest In Pictures

Some World of Warcraft players have shared their engagement with the protest, taking to the steps of Oribos to show their opposition to Activision Blizzard’s hostile working environments.

The sit-in is proof that many are willing to stand up and show that Activision Blizzard’s actions are indefensible, and have given a platform for young women of colour all at the same time. Fence Macabre have set an example, and have made the gaming communities proud.



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