Asmongold Thanks Fans For Support During Lost Ark Comeback Stream

Asmongold Thanks Fans For Support During Lost Ark Comeback Stream
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Emma Hill


9th Feb 2022 15:57

Zack "Asmongold" has made a triumphant return to Twitch after taking a break from streaming and he made sure to share the love with his fans as he brought his first Lost Ark stream to an end. 

One True King co-creator Asmongold has built an incredible streaming career through the years on Twitch. Since setting up his channel on the platform in 2013, he has amassed 2.5 million followers, as of writing, with his most recent stream being viewed over 3.9 million times. 

However, the World Of Warcraft player has taken a number of well-needed breaks from streaming during that time. At one point, it even looked like he was quitting the job for good

After another break from the cameras, Asmongold decided to surprise his fans with an unexpected return to streaming on his main Twitch channel in order to play Korean MMORPG, Lost Ark, in the leadup to its release in the West.

As he brought his long stream to a close, he decided to share the love with his fans. 


When Did Asmongold Return To His Main Twitch Channel?

Asmongold gave his fans an unexpected, but nonetheless welcomed, announcement on February 8, revealing that he would be returning to stream on his main channel having taken a break from the account. In a tweet, Asmongold proclaimed: "F**k it, going live on main. Lost Ark release, let's do it. See you guys in 30 to 45." 



The streamer's fans quickly rallied following the news with many unable to contain their excitement. As one fan stated: "Yooooo welcome back Zack!! Hyped af." Asmongold's fellow OTK founder, Rich Campbell, also gleefully stated: "HOLY SH*T. WELCOME BACK."

Asmongold's surprise announcement came in the leadup to the highly-anticipated release of Lost Ark to Western continents. While the game was initially released in 2019, it will only be fully available for European and North American regions from February 11, 2022.

The free-to-game may not be out in full just yet but hype around the title is huge. Those that purchased the founder's pack were able to play it as of last night (February 8) and it's already broken into Steam's concurrent players charts with well over 500,000 jumping on.

What Did Asmongold Say About His Fans? 

After a lengthy 10-hour long stream filled to the brim with Lost Ark content, Asmongold finally brought his video to a close, but not before sharing a heartfelt thanks with his fans.

Concluding his stream, Asmongold said: "Thank you guys all so much for watching today, I really f**king appreciate it [...] it's been a great comeback stream I can't even believe, thank you guys so much for the support."

He may be best-known for being a WoW streamer, but Asmongold hasn't always been a huge fan of the MMO's community. With such a fantastic comeback to his main channel and a great reception for his Lost Ark stream, perhaps Asmongold could be swapping Azeroth for Arkesia more often. 

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