Asmongold Calls Warcraft Community ‘Trash’

Asmongold Calls Warcraft Community ‘Trash’
Asmongold | Twitch

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Joseph Kime


4th Aug 2021 16:51

Asmongold has had a good month. He’s come out on top as the most viewed streamer this month with a whopping 14.5 million viewers, taking the World of Warcraft community to new heights as he went. He’s an unofficial spokesman for the Warcraft community at this point, and his huge streaming numbers prove that there are a lot of people by his side.

And with these numbers come a lot of pressure, and a lot of weight lies on the things he says. This certainly doesn’t work in his favour all the time, as he’s upset a lot of WoW fans with his recent comments.

Asmongold Attacks Warcraft Community

Asmongold Attacks World Of Warcraft Community
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Asmongold | Twitch

In a stream where Asmongold chats with EsfandTV about the positive community behind Final Fantasy XIV, the popular streamer lets slip his true feelings about the Warcraft community in a way that might get him in trouble with fans. “It's been an incredible adventure, and I’ve really enjoyed it a lot”, he says about the Final Fantasy community. “I saw a clip of Esfand talking about how the Final Fantasy community is a better community, in terms of like, being supportive, et cetera. Let me tell you something - that is completely true, There has never been a truer true that has ever been trued. I’ll be honest, the WoW community is, uh… it’s trash.” Yikes.

He’s got a defence, though - “how do I know that? Because I was in it.”

Fans react To Asmongold’s World of Warcraft ‘Trash’ Comment

Asmongold Attacks World Of Warcraft Community
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Some fans are upset with Asmongold for calling WoW’s community trash, as they feel his own community isn’t much better.

But, some people are taking Asmongold’s side, suggesting that World of Warcraft’s community certainly isn’t perfect.

Whether or not you agree with him, it’s a bold statement to make about the game has helped Asmongold to the position he’s in now as a streamer. His status might let him get away with it for now, but he needs to be careful - because the World of Warcraft community doesn’t forgive so easily.


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