Exclusive Hearthstone Death Knight card reveals coming in Patch 28.0

Exclusive Hearthstone Death Knight card reveals coming in Patch 28.0
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Dave McAdam


24th Oct 2023 15:00

Four (yes, four!) brand-new Death Knight cards are coming to Hearthstone alongside Patch 28.0 - and GGRecon has been given the exclusive opportunity to reveal them to you right here. 

Hearthstone players who enjoy the Death Knight class can look forward to expanding their decks with these four new cards: two minions and two spells. What’s more, these cards include two Commons, an Epic, and a Legendary, coming to the game in Patch 28.0, all of which we’ll detail below.

Hearthstone Death Knight card reveals

The art from the new Maw and Paw card coming to Hearthstone in Patch 28.0
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Here are the new Death Knight cards coming to the game in Patch 28.0, which centres on using Corpses and the Undead.

Fistful of Corpses

The Fistful of Corpses card coming in Patch 28.0
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Fistful of Corpses is a Common spell card, costing 1-Mana to play. Playing the card will deal damage to a minion of your choice, equal to the amount of Corpses you currently have.

Farm Hand

The Farm Hand card coming in Patch 28.0
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The Farm Hand minion card costs 3-Mana to play, and is an Undead type with an attack stat of 4 and 3 health. 

It has a Battlecry ability to Discover an Undead, adding it to your hand. Additionally, its Quickdraw effect reduces its Mana cost by 2, meaning you can play it for just 1-Mana on the same turn you draw this card.

Corpse Farm

The Corpse Farm card coming in Patch 28.0
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The new Death Knight spell Corpse Farm is an Epic rarity card that costs 3-Mana to play. The effect of the card is that you can spend up to 8 Corpses and then summon a random minion with a Mana cost equal to the number of Corpses you just spent.

Maw and Paw

The Maw and Paw card coming in Patch 28.0
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Lastly, but certainly not least, Maw and Paw is a brand new Legendary Death Knight minion card. It costs 4-Mana to play this Undead card, which has just 8 health but only 1 point of attack power.

This minion's power is what makes it Legendary, as it allows you to gain 5 Corpses at the end of your turn while the minion is in play. At the beginning of your turn, you can spend 5 Corpses to give your Hero 5 health.

Those are the new Death Knight cards coming to Hearthstone in Patch 28.0. For all your Hearthstone news and guides, check out our World of Warcraft homepage for all things WoW and Hearthstone, such as the Paladin cards for Hearthstone Titans or all the details on World of Warcraft patch 10.2.

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