Apex Legends teases Kings Canyon After Dark map for Halloween

Apex Legends teases Kings Canyon After Dark map for Halloween
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Alex Garton


31st Aug 2023 19:30

Apex Legends Season 18 is well underway, and that means the community has its eyes firmly focused on upcoming fresh content.

With October just around the corner (as always), an Apex Legends Halloween event is guaranteed to be on the cards, and Respawn never fails to deliver when it comes to the spooky season.

Of course, terrifying skins and cosmetics for fan-favourite Legends will be a huge aspect of the event, but so will map changes.

In previous years, Respawn has added an After Dark version of one of its maps, and this year looks to be no different, as an exciting teaser has appeared in-game.

Respawn tease Kings Canyon After Dark in Apex Legends

As showcased by reliable Apex Legends leaker HYPERMYST, Respawn seems to have been a little bit sneaky with a recent thumbnail for Revenant's Shadow Pounce ability.

While the image itself only addresses the Synthetic Nightmare, eagle-eyed fans have spotted the Kings Canyon After Dark map in the background.

As with everything Respawn puts out, this won't be a coincidence, given how great they are at leaving clues for the community.

So, it's looking like fans of the After Dark maps are going to have a brilliant Halloween, as the teaser points toward a dimly lit Kings Canyon making a return.

When is the Apex Legends Halloween event?

Kings Canyon map
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For now, Respawn hasn't announced the Halloween event or when it is planned to take place, but we can make a reasonable prediction based on dates from the past.

Usually, the spooky event begins at the start of October and runs all the way to the beginning of November, so expect it to arrive somewhere around then.

Whether Kings Canyon is the only After Dark map coming, or if Worlds Edge and Olympus are included as well, it's all a mystery for now.

However, this teaser has certainly sparked a lot of excitement, let's hope Respawn can deliver a terrifyingly fun event.

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