Apex Legends Season 14 Is Smashing Records

Apex Legends Season 14 Is Smashing Records
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Joseph Kime


11th Aug 2022 09:14

Apex Legends has been, Season after season, Apex Legends has been a rip-roaring success. Though there aren't many battle royale titles that can stand up to the giant of Fortnite, Apex Legends puts up a tough fight - offering a pace that is unmatched and giving players a highly-competitive, highly-skilled shooter that rewards ingenuity and absolute speed.


Apex fans are passionate as all hell, and when new map changes and Legends arrive in the game, they're always there without fail to welcome them with open arms. And it's this passion that has pushed the shooter to break a new record in Season 14.

How Has Apex Legends Broken Its Own Record?

Apex Legends Season 14 Is Smashing Records
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As Respawn Entertainment continues to rattle through its successes, Apex Legends has once again proven that it's not a force to be messed with. According to @alphaINTEL, Apex has decimated the record it had already set for itself for concurrent players on Steam.

For the first time ever, the concurrent viewers of Apex Legends has breached 500,000, making for an all-time peak and proving the hype for the game is far from over. The account cheered "alive game" with a thumbs up, to prove even the harshest Apex Legends critics wrong.

This news comes as the brand-new Season 14 launches with a new Legend and a whole host of other features. Players are eager to test out the new changes made to the Kings Canyon map and get to know the brand new legend, Vantage. It makes sense that there's an influx of new and returning players for the start of the season, but to break records is pretty impressive. 


What's New In Apex Legends Season 14?

Along with Vantage as the new sniper-focused legend, the latest season has brought with it new changes to the existing King's Canyon map, like the return of the fan-favourite Skull Town POI (albeit with a bit of a twist). Or, what about the new walkway to help players rotate between Destroyed Bridges and River Center? 

Elsewhere, there's the removal of the divisive self-revive after the streaming community finally got its way with the maligned mechanic. The full list of changes can be found on the Respawn Entertainment blog, but one thing's for sure - this is a big update. Three and a half years after launch, fans are still hugely excited about everything coming to the game. Apex Legends has never been bigger and never been better. Dead game? We think not.

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