Apex Legends Designer Teases Skull Town Replacement

Apex Legends Designer Teases Skull Town Replacement
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Joseph Kime


2nd Aug 2022 11:10

The new season of Apex Legends is set to be an incredibly exciting one, and as it approaches rapidly, fans as ever are just as eager as they are nervous. Even though Respawn Entertainment hasn't given players much reason to doubt it, there are still concerns that the changes made to every season are substantial enough that they could uproot the game entirely.

Now, as one of the most crucial maps in the game's history is getting a big change, those concerns are at an all-time high. We finally know what these changes are - and they could be a great step for Kings Canyon as we learn about what will be replacing Skull Town.

What Is Replacing Skull Town In Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Designer Teases Skull Town Replacement
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The King's Canyon Apex Legends map has a lot of iconic locations, but Skull Town is its presiding achievement... or should that be it WAS. After Skull Town kicked the bucket, a new change to the area has finally been revealed.

Instead of Skull Town, the new POI will be known as "Relic." Its overhaul comes as part of a new push to reconsider the health of the maps in Apex legends. This is according to Jeff Shaw, the Lead Level Designer of the game, in a recent Apex developer panel led by VGC.

The one thing that we really know about this new locale is that it will be trying to avoid the mistakes made when Season 5 destroyed the location entirely, which pressured players rotating from Caustic, Market and Octane's Gauntlet into "sort of this single lane." At least Relic will be a little more open-ended when it comes to travelling elsewhere.


Relic Should Be Like The Apex Legends "People Love And Miss"

Shaw goes on to explain that the Relic POI will be a major contributor to the gameplay of the refreshed King's Canyon. "One of the biggest changes we've made is we really increased the landmass to improve the map's flow and pacing, so that's where Relic comes into play," he says. He concludes that it should bring a return to "some of that classic King's Canyon gameplay that people love and miss."

While rival games like Call of Duty: Warzone get called out for lacklustre updates that bulldoze your favourite maps, Apex tends to get it right.  It's a reassuring peek behind the curtain, which is certainly nice - here's hoping it's eased everyone's nerves. Sometimes change is good, everyone!

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